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Get a Teen Driver Contract?

If you have a teen driver, you will want to create a driver contract that both you and your teen sign. This contract should outline all your responsibilities, all your teen’s driving duties, and the punishment if one of you breaks the contract. A contract helps put in writing what you need your teen to do to remain safe. Having everything in writing also helps to reinforce the importance of safe driving. In your contract, you will want to include:

1) No distraction rules. You will want to include rules about cell phone and other device distractions. You might want to limit the number of passengers or you might want to ensure that your teen is not playing music above a certain volume (so that he or she can hear auditory traffic cues).

2) No dangerous driving rules. You may want to include rules about tailgating, road rage, cutting people off, no signaling, and other dangerous behaviors. You may need to promise your teen that you will not engage in these rules, either, and stick to that promise.

3) No drinking and driving rules. Both you and your teen should sign a contract that ensures neither of you will drink or drive or use dangerous substances and drive. Drinking and driving accidents remain a leading cause of fatalities across all age groups.

4) Rules about dangerous situations. If your teen is drunk, make sure that you stipulate in your contract that he or she can contact you at any time and you will not be angry. Outline in your contract what your teen should do in various dangerous situations on the road and each time in the contract reiterate that you will not be angry. Ensure that your teen driver can call you if something bad does happen.

5) Rules about accidents. Make sure your teen knows what to do if they are in a pedestrian accident or car collision. Outline everything in the contract so that your teen will know what steps to take.