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Getting Serious About DUI Accidents in Our Communities

Even though the dangers of inebriated driving have been known for a long time, far too many DWI/DUI crashes continue to happen in Homestead and other Florida cities. Experts recommend many things that can be done to help prevent these types of crashes from occurring. For example, many drunk driving accidents in Homestead and other cities involve repeat offenders and some experts recommend making laws tougher in order to prevent these drivers from continuing to drive inebriated.

Of course, a major problem is that even with a suspended license some people will continue to drive anyway. In these cases, technology can be useful in deterring drunk driving. For example, some states already require repeat DUI offenders to use devices which prevent them from starting their vehicles unless they can pass a breath alcohol test. While not perfect – drivers can avoid the technology by using a different car – it can help cut down on instances of drunk driving.


It is also clear that more needs to be done to clarify the message about “drunk driving” overall. While all motorists are told that drunk driving is dangerous, less is said about the dangers of driving when using certain prescription or over-the-counter medications. More could be done to send home the message that any substance that affects mobility or judgment – even something as seemingly benign as flu medication – can lead to a broadside or head-on collision. Already, there is more information out there about the dangers of “buzzed driving,” or driving after having only a few drinks. This is a move in the right direction and could help prevent more injuries and fatalities.

A big factor that continues to cause car collisions in Homestead and other communities comes down to attitudes. Some motorists make the wrong choices after drinking or taking medication because they think they aren’t drunk or because they assume that they can drive safely. Unfortunately, the poor judgment that causes car accidents also causes drivers to make the wrong choices when drinking and driving. In other words, some drivers under the influence misjudge their own ability to drive safely. In other cases, motorists simply excuse their own decision to drink and drive – often with terrible consequences.

The reality is that someone who has been drinking has many options to get home safely. They can:

•Call a taxi or use public transportation to get home
•Call a friend or family member to get home safely
•Designate a driver before drinking
•Surrender their keys before drinking
•Get a hotel room for the night
•Avoid drinking if they know that they will be driving
Now that it is summer and more people are taking advantage of their vacation time to take part in barbecues and other events where alcohol will be served, it’s a great time to get serious about DUI driving. If you are a motorist, please take some time to come up with a strategy to get home safely after events this summer. If you have new or teen drivers in your household, this is a good time to review options and ideas for getting home safely after a party or event. A frank talk now could help your teen make the right decision later in the summer.

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