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Going on a Holiday Drive? How to Stay Safe When Looking at Lights

Driving around to look at holiday lights and decorations is a holiday tradition for many families. Many people enjoy driving out during an evening to look at the magnificent displays homeowners and businesses create. Dark roads and distractions, however, can mean pedestrian accidents and car accidents, however. Avoid fender benders and personal injuries with these tips:

1) Designate a driver. If you want to drive out to look at lights, make sure that the driver is not looking at lights. The driver should focus on driving only, to ensure that no accidents or fender benders take place.

2) Consider driving somewhere and walking about. Many small communities create elaborate displays that can be enjoyed on foot and some communities even offer carolers and hot beverages for pedestrians. Parking your car and looking at neighborhoods on foot can be a safer way to enjoy the lights, as long as you remain on sidewalks and avoid walking out on the road.

3) Go during established times. Many communities now have established times for viewing lights. Check your local community newspaper or call neighborhood associations in your location to inquire. Going to view lights at designated times is a great idea, as there are usually extra safety precautions in place at this time. As well, everyone in a community has their decorations up and their lights on during these times, so you can enjoy the full impact of displays.

4) Take two drivers who can take turns looking at lights. If possible, designate two or more drivers. This will ensure that each driver has a chance to drive (with all their focus on driving) and also has a chance to enjoy the lights.