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Halloween Driving Has its Unique Hazards

Driving around Halloween time is not just about watching for parents and children going door to door to trick or treat. This time of year has several risks that you need to be aware of if you wish to avoid car crashes and the personal injuries they cause:

1) Leaves. Wet, fallen leaves can cause a slick road surface, which can make it harder to brake quickly. Give yourself extra time to stop. Also, have your car tuned up and checked up to ensure that it is in good mechanical order.

2) It’s not just Halloween. Many drivers use extra caution on October 31, but Halloween parties and festive events happen several days before Halloween as well as on Halloween evening. Any Halloween event can mean more pedestrians, more children – and more risk of a pedestrian accident. Keep aware of any Halloween events in your area and use extra caution in general at this time of year.

3) Children running in between parked cars. A child running into the street suddenly is every parent’s worst nightmare. It is also the nightmare of every driver. To help prevent an accident, scan sidewalks and the areas between cars to stay alert for any children who might dash out into the street.

4) More parked cars. Around Halloween, more parties and events can mean more parked cars on streets as revellers look for parking spots close to their destinations. This can make it hard to notice children in between the cars. Slow down and watch carefully.

5) Poor lighting. Some homeowners drape their outdoor lighting for a “spooky” effect. Unfortunately, this can create a problem for both pedestrians and drivers who need to deal with worse lighting. Ensure that your own house lights are bright. If you are driving in a poorly-lit area, use your high beams to see correctly.

6) Distractions on the road. Gorgeous Halloween decorations can be distracting, but in the time it takes to stare at a beautifully decorated home, you could be in a collision. Consider taking a walk to enjoy all the decorations in your community so that you won’t be distracted when you drive by them.

7) Late road work. Many municipalities launch road projects and construction projects in the autumn, hoping to have these activities completed by winter. Road work can make driving even trickier, so slow down and watch for signs.