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Hands-Free Devices May not Help You Avoid a Car Accident in Hollywood or Your Florida Community

A new study from the University of Utah has concluded that hands-free devices may be much more dangerous for drivers than previously thought. Researchers involved in the study had adults use a hands-free device while “driving” using a simulator. The study found that driver reaction time decreased while eye movements, brainwaves, and mental work increased. Drivers using the hands-free devices were also more likely than non-distracted drivers to overlook traffic signs, pedestrians, and other important visual cues.

According to researchers, the problem is that hands-free devices still distract drivers mentally, which increases their risk of an accident. Despite this, all states permit hands-free devices and many car manufacturers and mobile device manufacturers tout hands-free technology as the safer option. Studies such as this most recent research suggest that drivers who want to avoid a car accident related to mobile devices in Hollywood or any other community must put away all distractions – even distractions that allow both hands to remain on the wheel.

The University of Utah study confirms what many safety experts have been saying: that car accidents in Hollywood and other communities are caused by distracted driving. The study also confirms the definition of distraction that many safety experts use. Many claim that any activity that takes the driver’s hands off the wheel, the driver’s eyes off the road, or the driver’s mind off driving is a potentially fatal distraction.

Each year, car and truck crashes in Hollywood and other communities are caused by distracted drivers, and often by drivers who are trying to do more than one thing at a time. Hands-free devices allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road and allow the driver to keep their hands on the wheel but still distract a driver mentally, which still permits the driver to miss important information, such as a pedestrian crossing the street.

In addition to hands-free devices, a wide range of distractions are possible for motorists, including:

•Road work
•Rubbernecking to see other accidents
•Arguing with passengers or speaking with passengers
•Changing music or making adjustments to the car
•Looking after a pet or child in the car
•Eating or drinking in the car
•Applying makeup or grooming
Most safety experts agree that more needs to be done to make drivers aware of distractions. It is imperative that drivers avoid all types of distraction and stay as focused as possible in order to avoid traffic accidents in Hollywood and other communities.

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