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How Autonomous Emergency Braking (EAB) Promises to Curb Car Collision in Miami and Across the Country

In a car collision in Miami or another community, brakes are very significant when it comes to preventing a crash or minimizing impact. In many cases, a collision can be prevented entirely if a driver stops in time. However, panic, distraction, and driver error can mean that drivers make the wrong decision when it comes to braking. A motorist may not notice an imminent accident in time to hit the brakes or may hit the brakes too sharply, losing control of the vehicle and causing a collision. In trucking accidents in Miami and other communities, big rig and tractor trailer drivers can also brake incorrectly, leading to collisions or rollovers.

A new technology developed by car manufacturers could help reduce crashes in the future by curbing these braking problems. Autonomous Emergency Braking (EAB) uses radar and cameras to detect what is happening around a car. If the system detects that a crash is imminent, it applies the brakes to prevent an accident. Safety experts say that it could be an especially effective technology to combat distracted driving in Miami and other cities. Even if a driver is not paying attention to the road or is distracted by something else, the car can safety brake for the motorist. Possibly, this could help prevent some rear-end collisions in Miami and other cities.


In addition to Autonomous Emergency Braking, car manufacturers are also working on a blind spot detection system for trucks which would allow drivers to “see” behind their trailer and along the sides of their truck. This technology may be available as early as next year.

Another feature that targets distracted driving is an interior infrared camera that checks a driver’s line of sight. The camera can detect whether a driver is paying attention to the road ahead of them and signals an alert of some type if the system detects that the driver is distracted. In the future, car makers may be able to use facial-recognition software with the cameras in order to personalize driving in cars, letting drivers automatically set their favorite radio and temperature controls simply by getting behind the wheel. It is even possible that the same camera systems could be used to prevent car theft, since cars with the technology would essentially “recognize” their drivers.

On the one hand, it is unfortunate that distracted driving is so endemic that car manufacturers are trying to work around it rather than finding solutions which allow drivers to simply focus more. On the other hand, the reality is that distracted driving does seem to be so widespread (and dangerous) that any technology which makes the roads safer is welcome.

What do you think? Do you think this technology will eventually mean safer streets in Miami or your community?

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