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How Drivers Can Prevent Davie Car Accidents involving Bicyclists

While all Davie car accidents are frightening and can lead to serious accidents, collisions involving a car and a bicycle are often devastating. Since the cyclist is not enclosed, the size and car of a passenger car often leads to very serious or even fatal injury. In many cases, Davie bicycle accidents are caused by drivers who take risks or fail to pay attention. Fortunately, there are many things that drivers can do to prevent these types of accidents:

1) When passing cyclists, give them plenty of room. At least a few feet reduces the risk of collisions.

2) Pass cyclists quickly. While drivers may think that they are being courteous by passing cyclists slowly, it can actually make cyclists nervous and can cause a collision. Simply give cyclists plenty of room and pass as you would a car.

3) Check for cyclists before opening a car door. If you are opening your car door where cyclists are riding, a bicyclist may not notice the car door in time to stop, and the collision is enough to seriously injure or kill a cyclist.

4) Do not honk at bicyclists unless absolutely necessary. This can startle someone on a bicycle and can lead to a collision. Bicyclists can generally hear a much larger vehicle, such as a car, behind them.

5) Get familiar with the signals bicyclists use when turning. In some instances, drivers are not aware of these signals and cannot prevent an accident because they cannot anticipate where bicyclists are headed.

6) Never drive distracted. Bicyclists are more flexible than motorists in that they can zip up behind a car quite quickly and can be hidden in a car’s blind spots. Driving distracted increases your risk of a Davie pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, and every other type of traffic accident.

7) Check your blind spots. Bicycles are small enough to hide in your blind spot, so check your blind spot.

8) Never drive drunk. Davie drunk driving accidents claim too many lives each year. These accidents are completely preventable, which makes them even more tragic. If you will be drinking, make sure you have a few plans for getting home safely.

9) Drive defensively. Driving defensively ensures that you anticipate the movements of other motorists, so that you can avoid a collision if necessary.

10) Treat bicyclists like cars. Never attempt to share a lane with bicyclists and make sure that you provide them with the same space and courtesy you would provide to any vehicle. Use signal lights and eye contact to ensure that bicyclists can see you when you change lanes, turn, or pass.

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