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If You are Escaping Winter in Florida, Take Extra Steps to Prevent a Car Accident in Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach is known as the “Most Southern Canadian City” because of the significant number of Canadians (and US tourists from the Northwestern area of the country) who visit the city each year. The number of tourists and snowbirds from the North often increases during winter months, as seniors and other visitors migrate to Florida for the warmer weather. Unfortunately, the influx of new drivers can mean an added risk of car accidents in Hallandale Beach and across Florida. If you are spending the winter in Florida this year, the following tips can help keep you safer:

1) Get Familiar with Florida laws and streets. Florida streets may be significantly different than streets in your hometown. If you will be spending time in Florida, get familiar with local laws, driving habits, and roadways. Many traffic accidents in Hallandale Beach and across Florida occur because of driver inexperience.

2) Get Florida insurance and registration. Under Florida law, any car owner who has their vehicle in the state for over 90 days must register the car in Florida. If you sustain a head injury in Hallandale Beach – or any traffic-related injury in South Florida – your insurance company may not compensate you if you violate this law. If you spend your entire winters in Florida, this law may mean that you need to buy two insurance policies – one in your usual place of residence and one in Florida. However, this added expense is a better option than being under-insured.

3) Use extra caution on I-95 and other interstate roads. These high-speed roadways do have a higher risk of truck accidents and other traffic accidents.

4) Get a copy of the Coast Guard’s Code of Federal Regulations to get familiar with bridges and drawbridges in the area. South Florida has many waterways and bridges. If you are not from the area, you may not be familiar with driving over bridges. Drawbridges, especially, may have hours you are not familiar with.

5) Go beyond local laws to stay safe. Not every safe driver behavior is legislated. For example, Florida has no specific laws against texting and driving or driving fatigued, although many studies have proven that both driving behaviors are very dangerous and lead to accidents. Use common sense and common courtesy when driving on Florida streets. Driver sober and alert, and make sure that you get adequate rest before driving. It will help make your stay in the state safer and more pleasant.

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