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In Florida Car Accidents, Suspended Licenses Are An Issue

In Florida as in the rest of the country, it is illegal to drive without a valid license. However, law enforcement authorities in Southern Florida note that in many 2010 Florida car accidents, drivers were without valid licenses at the time of the crash. In some cases, drivers were unlicensed but in many cases drivers had suspended licenses because of Florida drunk driving charges or other violations.

Police authorities and experts say that part of the problem is that laws surrounding drivers with suspended licenses has become more lax. In 2008. for example, a law passed by Legislature ensured that repeat traffic offenders would not face jail time for driving without a suspended license or no license at all. Police authorities report being frustrated by the fact that in many cases they cannot press charges in these cases until a lengthy investigation is complete – even though in some cases the suspect continues to drive without a valid license.

Part of the problem, too, may be attitudes. Although everyone in driver’s education classes is taught that driving is a privilege, many drivers have come to see it as a right and a necessity. Some drivers claim that they need to drive in order to get to work or in order to take care of other vital activities, even when they do not have a valid license. Of course, these claims make little sense to the people unlicensed drivers hurt each year in car accidents. Drivers who have no valid license can rely on taxis or public transportation, but many choose to get behind the wheel of a car.

According to Brevard County authorities, in 2010 alone 68 Florida car accident fatalities in the county were linked to drivers driving without valid licenses. These accidents are especially frustrating for the victims. In cases where a driver is driving without a valid license, say authorities, there is often no insurance, either. Unless a car accident victim has uninsured driver insurance, he or she may be forced to pay for any medical expenses out of pocket.

In many cases, injury victims who have been in a car accident with an uninsured and unlicensed driver must take legal action against the driver in order to cover lost income, medical bills, and other expenses associated with the accident. A good Florida personal injury attorney must generally investigate the cause of the accident, the driver’s assets and ability to pay, and many other factors to put together a strong case.

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