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Is Your New Driver Sixteen This Year?

If your teen is sixteen years old this year, he or she will likely be looking forward to getting his or her driving license this year. Many parents are excited for their children when their children get a license, but young drivers do have a high accident rate. Here’s how to ensure that your driver is safe behind the wheel:

1) Start training early. Even before your child reaches driving age, get your child a booklet or text book about driving. Go through the book together and learn the rules of the road. Help your child test themselves about road signs and rules. By the time your child has to apply for a license, he or she will have the basic knowledge on hand.

2) Help your child find good role models. Find a good driver in your family who is willing to take your child out once a week on a drive to explain the basic rules of the road. Make sure your child knows some good drivers and has a chance to emulate them.

3) Set rules – and follow them yourself. Many teen accidents causing personal injuries are caused by driver inattention. Make sure your teen is not texting or talking on a cell phone while driving and limit night driving and the number of passengers in your teen’s car until your teen has more experience behind the wheel. Your rules, though, will have more weight if you avoid distractions behind the wheel yourself.

4) Budget for extra driving instruction. Most driving instruction provides a minimum amount of behind the wheel instruction. Put aside extra money so your teen can get extra in-car lessons and possibly a defensive driving course. This will build your driver’s skill level and help them prevent accidents.

5) Make driving a privilege. You known your child. If your teen takes big risks on a skateboard or bike, those same risks on the road can kill. Have your child wait until he or she is mature enough to drive before getting a license.