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Issues That Lead to Pedestrian Accidents in Palmetto Bay and Other Florida Cities

Pedestrian accidents in Palmetto Bay and other South Florida cities are a serious cause of concern. While Florida offers beautiful walking trails, green spaces, and a mild climate that is perfect for walking, pedestrians who want to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise do face the issue of possibly being involved in a serious accident and being severely injured. Pedestrian accidents often lead to spinal cord injuries, fractures, soft tissue damage, and head injuries in Palmetto Bay and other communities. All too often, these types of accidents lead to permanent or fatal injuries.

There many issues that lead to these types of personal injuries in Palmetto Bay and other Florida cities:

1) Visibility. Visibility issues can make it hard for motorists to see pedestrians. Visibility issues can result from dark nighttime conditions, weather conditions, inadequate lighting on city streets, fog, and other issues. Pedestrians can help avoid pedestrian-car accidents in Palmetto Bay and other communities by wearing reflective clothing and light clothing that is easy to spot.

2) Distraction. Distracted driving causes many car and truck accidents in Palmetto Bay and across Florida each year. Distracted driving can also easily lead to pedestrian accidents. Drivers who are looking at mobile devices, or changing music, or otherwise distracted may not notice a pedestrian crossing and may collide with a pedestrian because they cannot stop in time.

3) Speed. Speeding can make it harder for motorists to stop in time to avoid a collision with a pedestrian.

4) Road and sidewalk conditions. Road and sidewalk conditions are a key factor leading to many pedestrian accidents. Some communities are already making changes by providing additional barriers, wider sidewalks, and other features which can make it easier for pedestrians and cars to share the road. One issue that often occurs with pedestrian accidents is that pedestrians and cars must share the road in some areas due to lack of sidewalks. Providing added places for walking, as well as providing additional walking trails where pedestrians can walk separate from traffic can help reduce the instances of pedestrian accidents across South Florida.

5) Driver error. In many cases, drivers make errors that lead to accidents. Drivers may ignore traffic signals and signs, may speed, may drive distracted or drunk, or may make other choices that affect their ability to spot and react appropriately to pedestrians.

6) Pedestrian error. In some cases, pedestrians make errors that can lead to a collision. For example, pedestrians will sometimes walk in the dark without wearing reflective clothing or will step out between cars and into traffic without looking both ways.

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