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Kids are Heading Back to School Soon – Stay Safe on the Road

Even if you don’t have children, the back-to-school season can affect you if you’re a motorist. Children are headed back to classes next month, and this will mean more pedestrian traffic as well as more motorists on Hollywood and Florida roads during your morning and afternoon commute. Even now, you may be seeing more traffic on the roads as families tackle back-to-school shopping or try to fit in one last vacation.


To stay safe as classes resume, here are a few safety tips:

1) Plan your route carefully.

Which would commute or route can you take that will see the least congestion? Which routes can you take that will not bring you close to schools where traffic will be heavier? Consider taking an alternative route, even if it’s slightly longer, if it means that you will be able to avoid heavier traffic and pedestrian traffic.

2) Use extra caution if you will be driving near schools.

Children getting dropped off to and from school can create added congestion, as can school buses. In addition, children biking, skateboarding, and walking to school can create a risk of pedestrian accidents. If you have to drive near schools or along school routes, make sure that you keep an extra eye for school buses and children headed to and from school.

3) Use your mirrors and check blind spots carefully.

Put away distractions when driving in the morning and afternoon and check blind spots carefully when backing out of a parking spot. Use your mirrors to stay alert drive defensively so that you are always thinking a few moves ahead.

4) Be prepared for the unexpected.

While most children are taught basic traffic and pedestrian rules early, they can get excited during back-to-school season and can run out into the road or can forget some of what they have been taught. Be prepared for children running out between parked cars or skateboarding or bicycling without following the rules. Get ready to react quickly if you need to.

5) Start thinking about it now.

Labor Day may seem to be a long way away, but heavier traffic is already here. Start driving more defensively now and start thinking ahead to the start of the school year so that you can stay safe.

6) Take care of your car.

You want to make sure your brakes and tires are in excellent condition if a pedestrian does run out into the street in front of your vehicle. This is a good time of year for  a tune-up to make sure your car is in good shape.

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