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Motorcycle Safety in Hollywood and Florida

Two active-duty service members were killed in motorcycle accidents in Florida last month, and this has shone a spotlight on motorcycle safety in the state. Representatives of the Department of Defense have stated that they have developed a number of safety requirements after seeing a number of motorcycle accidents among members of the military.


Currently, there are about 1,500 service members in the Florida Panhandle who are registered motorcyclists. Military officials say that many members of the military are interested in motorcycles and choose to buy the vehicles. To help prevent motorcycle accidents and car accidents in Hollywood and Florida, the military requires that members of the military:

•Register their motorcycles with military safety officials
•Wear protective and reflective gear
•Attend required safety training courses for motorcyclists
•Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle
In addition to these efforts, some military bases are holding safety rallies or mentor rides, which allow more experienced riders to pass on safety tips to new motorcycle owners.

According to the military, these efforts appear to be paying off. Ten years ago, about 30 to 50 service members were dying in motorcycle accidents annually. Now, the number is about ten. While ten fatalities a year is still too many, it does appear that the military has been successful in helping members of the military ride more safely.

The safety awareness and efforts should be of interest to anyone interested in preventing traffic collisions in Hollywood and across Florida. One of the most interesting things about the military’s efforts is that the military is creating rules which exceed the safety rules required of motorcyclists in the general Florida population. For example, the average non-military motorcyclist in Florida can avoid wearing a helmet simply by carrying at least $10 000 or more in insurance, but the military requires its members to wear a helmet. Given that so many brain injury patients in Hollywood and other communities sustain their injuries in motorcycle accidents and traffic accidents, that just makes sense.

What can we learn from the military? There are a few things that the average motorcyclist can take away from their efforts in order to reduce their risk of a motorcycle crash in Hollywood or their community:

•Additional training is better. Riding a motorcycle is nothing like driving a car, and getting additional training can help new motorcyclists learn the important safety information they need to stay safe on the road.

•Wear more safety gear than required by law. Even though you may not need a helmet because of your insurance, wearing a helmet each time you ride – as well as reflectors and other safety gear – is an important step in staying safe.

•Learn from other motorcyclists. The mentor rides and motorcyclist rallies the military set up are especially interesting. Learning about other motorcyclists’ experiences and advice is useful, because motorcyclists may be more inclined to learn from their peers. Talk to other motorcyclists and you may find out how important safety really is.

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