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Multitasking Can Increase the Risk of Accidents

Multitasking, or trying to accomplish several tasks at once, has been linked with increased inefficiency as well as distracted driving. Distracted driving in Homestead and across the state is a serious problem. When drivers take their eyes off the road, their hands off the wheel, or their mind from the task of driving, accidents can and do result. Multitasking can also increase the risk of workplace injury and other types of injuries, since studies show we are not as adept at juggling multiple thoughts or tasks as we think.


Most experts agree monotasking is important, especially with higher-risk activities such as driving. Monotasking means focusing on one activity at a time rather than many things. Monotasking means staying mindful and in the moment rather than daydreaming or thinking about the next activity. Studies have suggested this approach can make you more productive and safer—both at work and while driving. There are many ways you can ensure you monotask to reduce the risk of a car accident:

1) Make a commitment to focusing on one task at a time.

At work and in your everyday life, focus on one item at a time and practice mindfulness as well as full presence in all tasks. It will become more automatic for you to focus solely on driving if you focus on one task at a time the rest of the day, too.

2) Drive defensively.

Driving is a repetitive task, and it can be easy to start daydreaming or to stop focusing on the task of driving. Defensive driving asks you to think three moves ahead, ensuring your focus stays on driving.

3) Remove temptation.

If you have a hard time focusing on one task at a time, put away any temptations to multitask. Put away your cell phone, briefcase, or purse in the trunk of the car, so you cannot reach over to check an e-mail quickly. Keep your car’s interior sparse and distraction-free.

4) Talk to a doctor if you have trouble focusing.

If you’re having trouble focusing on one task at a time or are distracted often, visit a doctor. You may have a medical condition which makes it harder for you to focus and proper treatment can help you.

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