Myths That Lead to DUIs in Pembroke Pines and Florida

Drivers in Pembroke Pines and across Florida may believe in a number of myths which put them at risk of DUIs. Having the facts on hand can help you reduce your risk of a serious car accident.


Do you believe in any of these misconceptions?

Myth: If I’m under the legal limit, it’s safe to drive.

The facts: Even if you’re “buzzed,” and legally under the limit your response times, decision-making, and even vision could be affected. It is safest to avoid driving if you have had even a small amount of alcohol.

Another thing to consider is that some things can exacerbate the effects of alcohol. Being in the sun, being sleepy, or taking some medication or over-the-counter medication can all exaggerate the effects of alcohol. So if you have any of these factors and have even a small amount of alcohol, you could be unsafe to drive.

Myth: My friend is fine to drive, because they’re not stumbling

The facts: Different bodies react to alcohol differently. A person may seem perfectly sober but if they have been drinking their decision-making skills and their ability to drive safely may be compromised. Even experienced law enforcement officers may not be able to tell whether someone is inebriated just by looking, so never take someone at their word that they’re “fine” to drive. If they have been drinking, find them a safe way home.

Myth: All drinks are the same, so it’s the total number of drinks I’ve had that matters.

The facts: Drinks vary widely. A 1.5 fl oz drink of rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, or other distilled spirits contains about 40% alcohol content while a 12 fl oz mug of beer has between 4.2% and 5% alcohol. Wine has about 12% alcohol content for a 5 fl oz glass. Drinking beverages with a higher alcohol content can leave you inebriated faster, though the impact will depend on how much of each drink you have and how the alcohol impacts your body.

Myth: I can have an energy drink or a coffee to sober up.

The facts: Caffeine has no impact on sobriety. Someone who has been drinking and then has an energy drink or a coffee will be more awake but will still have the same blood alcohol level and will have the same impairment. They are still unsafe to drive. Only time will sober a person up.

Myth: If I have been drinking, I should walk or bike home instead of driving.

The facts: Both forms of getting home can still be dangerous. If you are inebriated, walking home can make you more at risk of crime. In addition, you could fall over and sustain an injury or you may wander into traffic and be hit.

Biking home is also dangerous. You could fall over on your bike or fail to obey traffic rules because your judgment is impaired, and this can lead to a bicycle accident. In addition, Florida has the same laws for bicycles as for cars, so riding a bicycle under the influence can lead to a DUI, just like driving your car while inebriated.

If you have been drinking, the safest way to get home is with someone you trust and who is sober. You can also take public transit or stay at friend’s home or in a hotel until you are sober enough to get home.

Myth: If I have been injured by a drunk driver, my insurance will handle it.

The facts: Unfortunately, insurers have a financial interest in resolving claims quickly and inexpensively. Even if you do get a fair offer from your insurer, how can you be sure it will cover all your injury costs? One way to protect your financial interests is to contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation if you have been injured. Our legal team can tell you whether you have a claim and how much your claim may be worth.

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