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Plan Now to Avoid Holiday-Related Drunk Driving Accidents

Now that holiday decorations are going up and many people are making their holiday plans, it’s time to take steps to prevent holiday-related drunk driving. Unfortunately, the holidays are rife with drunk driving car and traffic accidents in Hollywood and other communities. With so many parties and events happening, many people make poor decisions after drinking. You don’t want to become one of the families devastated by a terrible loss around the holiday season. Right now, you will want to:

1) Plan ahead to figure out transportation to and from the various events you will be attending. As the invitations for parties and events come in, mark them on a calendar and carefully plan transportation to and from each party. Now is the time to rent a car or driver if you need it or to arrange carpooling to special events. You also want to budget for taxi fare or hotels if you cannot get home safely after a specific party or special event. Get a list of bus routes and other public transportation so that you can find a safe way home.


2) Set up a system for getting home safely. You are less likely to drink and drive if you have many ways of getting home safely that don’t involve you driving. If you know you will be likely drinking at an event, consider leaving your car at home and taking public transportation, taxi, a friend’s car, or another way to the event. This will reduce the temptation to drive later. Even if you’re not sure whether you will be drinking, have a get-home-safe system. Have a list of numbers you can call for a safe ride home, have extra money on hand for cab fare or hotel rooms, or find other solutions to get home safely.

3) Talk to your teen drivers and family about safe driving. If you have a new driver in your home, talk to them now about getting home safely after holiday events. Even if your teen is under the legal drinking age and you assume they will not be drinking, keep in mind that most teens do drink before the age of majority. Make sure they know that they can always call you and other family members for a safe ride home – no questions asked.

4) Get your car tuned up. Even if you’re responsible about avoiding drunk driving accidents, keep in mind that car accidents in Hollywood can still happen if your car is not in great shape. This is a good time to get your car tuned up and ready for all of driving you may need to do to get to family events.

5) Prepare yourself for any cold-weather driving you will be doing. In Florida, we are fortunate enough not to have to deal with snow and ice on the road most of the time. However, if you will be driving to a family event or another holiday event outside of Florida, keep in mind that you may be driving through snow and ice. Make sure that you get winter tires or studded winter tires that will better grip the road. Also, consider refreshing your winter driving skills to ensure that you can get home and to your destination safely.

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