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Plan Now to Avoid Hollywood Halloween Car Accidents

In Hollywood, Florida, Halloween is a big night. There are parties, special events, trick-or-treaters, and lots to see and do. Unfortunately, the additional car traffic and pedestrian traffic can increase the risk of Hollywood pedestrian accidents on Halloween night. Ensure that you and your passengers stay safe on Halloween night if you will be driving on Halloween. You need to start planning now in order to ensure that Halloween is fun, and not frightening:

1) Have a “get home safe” plan for you and your passengers. While you may not plan to drink on Halloween, many parties on Halloween night do involve alcohol. If you do accept a drink, you need to make sure that you can get home safely. Use a designated driver, ensure that you have enough cab fare to get home, or rely on someone else to get you home. However, have at least a few plans for getting home safely – just in case. It could help prevent a Hollywood drunk driving accident.

2) Avoid driving late if you can. The later you are driving, the more tired you will be and the poorer the visibility will be.

3) Remember to stay alert all throughout October 31. Many younger children start trick or treating in the daytime, so you should expect extra pedestrian traffic during the daytime as well as at night. Don’t assume that you have to wait until dark to see trick-or-treaters.

4) Turn off your mobile devices. Driving distracted on Halloween night is a sure way to get into a Hollywood car accident. To avoid personal injury, keep your entire focus on the road. You need to stay extra alert because children do sometimes run out into traffic on this night while trick or treating.

5) If you can, avoid driving trick or treaters to a trick or treat destination. Instead, walk to a nearby neighborhood for trick or treating. If this is not an option and you do need to drive, take along an extra adult in the car. Children who are excited about Halloween can be very distracting, so the extra adult can take care of supervising the children while you can put your full focus on driving.

6) Ensure that your car is in good repair. Having your car in good shape means that it will be in good shape in case you need to brake suddenly.

7) When driving on Halloween night, check your blind spots more carefully. Children may be walking all over your neighborhood, so you need to stay alert. Being very aware of your surroundings is also important because there may be pranksters egging cars and engaging in other risky behaviors. Seeing them first can help ensure that you aren’t startled.

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