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Plan Your New Year’s Eve Now to Prevent Car Accidents

Unfortunately, New Year’s Eve results in many car accidents. Many people stay up late to attend events and parties. Returning home after midnight, many drivers are fatigued and unable to control their cars correctly. As well, drinking is still a key part of many New Year’s Eve festivities, so drunk driving accidents peak at this time of year. Traveling late at night and poor weather conditions can contribute to accidents on this night of the year.

Many drivers are on the roads on New Year’s Eve, and the extra traffic as well as extra risks can mean more accidents. Taxis and other forms of transportation may be hard to find on New Year’s Eve, compounding the problem. There are many ways to stay safe on the biggest night of the year, but you will want to start planning early.

Consider making your plans now. Determine now where you will be on New Year’s Eve, when the festivities will be finished, and how you will get home. Go online or call your local city information number to find out about New Year’s events and transportation options. Many cities now offer alcohol-free festivities which allow you to enjoy yourself while worrying less about drunk driving after the event. Many cities also offer free transportation from New Year’s Eve festivities via bus or shuttle. Find out whether these transportation options are a possibility for you. If they are, print off an information sheet about them and tuck the sheets into your purse or pocket. This way, you won’t be wondering on New Year’s Eve where to catch the free bus.

Taxi companies are often overwhelmed on New Year’s Eve, so now is a good time to call your local taxi company. Some companies allow you to book in advance for New Year’s Eve, so that there is a taxi waiting for you to be there. Otherwise, your taxi company may be able to give you some good tips on catching a cab.

If you will need to get home after a New Year’s Eve event, have at least three methods of transportation that you can take. Think now about all the ways you can get home. It is important to have alternatives because your first choice of transportation may not be available on New Year’s Eve. You may plan to be a designated driver, for example, but you may be tempted to drink – or the person you may have designated as a driver might drink. Taxis might not be dependable, so find at least three ways of getting home. That way, if one mode of transportation does not work out, you can still get home safely.

If you will be attending a New Year’s Eve event far from home, make provisional plans to stay over somewhere. The longer your trip home, the more at risk you are for a car accident. As well, if you are far from home, you may have a harder time finding alternative forms of transportation. Consider arranging a hotel room – some hotels offer discount rates for New Year’s – or arrange to stay with a friend.