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Preventing Car Accidents on Spring Break

Spring break can be a fun and exciting time, full of memories that will last a lifetime. However, this time of year also means an influx of young tourists into Florida and the Hollywood area, which can create an increased risk for car accident and pedestrian collisions.

Here’s how you can safe during spring break:

  • Be prepared for heavier traffic. Whether you are visiting Florida as part of spring break or whether you are a local resident bracing for added cars on the road, be prepared. Consider where traffic will be heaviest and listen to traffic reports so you are not surprised.
  • Give yourself lots of time. With more traffic, you may need additional time to get to your destination. No matter where you are driving, leave early so you are not tempted to speed and can remain calm, even if there is traffic.
  • Drink responsibly. Many spring break events involve alcohol and drunk driving is a real risk in Hollywood during spring break. If you are on spring break, carry extra money for taxis and download taxi apps into your phone as well as designating a driver. If you live in South Florida, keep extra alert for any inebriated drivers on the roads at this time of year.
  • Have multiple plans for getting home safe. Even if you plan on being responsible during spring break, keep in mind you may choose to drink, even if you don’t plan on it. Always have a few ways of getting home safely. If your designated driver is unable to get you home safely, have a way to call a cab, car rental service or a friend. Know local hotels where you can check in until the morning. Do not attempt to walk home inebriated. You can easily wander into traffic, become targeted by muggers or find yourself taking an unsafe route. Always plan ahead, since your thinking may not be the clearest if you have been drinking and you don’t want to make safety choices at that point.
  • Be aware of spring breakers on your commute. If you live in Hollywood or South Florida, be especially careful during morning and evening commutes. There may be tourists on the road who are not familiar with local streets or there may be more traffic.
  • Look out for parking accidents. Drivers pulling into and out of parking spots on the side of the road or in parking lots do not always look all ways before proceeding. Drivers who are just visiting and are not familiar with the area, especially, can end up backing up without noticing oncoming traffic.

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, contact a Hollywood car accident attorney by contacting Flaxman Law Group. In a free consultation, we can help you make sense of the situation and can help you understand whether you have a claim and what your next steps might be.