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Preventing Davie Traffic Accidents During the School Run

The morning school run is a high-risk time for Davie car accidents. With plenty of people on the road trying to get to school and then to work, there’s often congestion, frayed tempers, and therefore a high risk of Davie traffic accidents. To reduce your risk of accidents during this time of morning, make sure that you:

1) Talk to your child about pedestrian safety and distracted walking. If your child walks to school, you can help your child prevent a Davie pedestrian accident by teaching your child to stay safe. Walk the route to school with your child, pointing out any possible dangers and reviewing the safety tips that are relevant for the walk. In many cases, children like listening to music or texting while they walk. Make sure that your child does not do this, as distracted walking can cause your child walk out into traffic.

2) Give yourself plenty of time if you are dropping your child off at school. If you are driving your child to school, you can help prevent Davie traffic accidents by giving yourself additional time. While this may mean getting up earlier, it can also help prevent the speeding and aggressive driving that are all too common during the school rush.

3) Be alert for others – including buses, pedestrians, and kids on bikes – sharing the road, especially close to the school.

4) Use good communication skills. When dropping your child off at school, make sure that you make eye contact with pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists to ensure that you are visible and that you are communicating well with others who share the road with you.

5) Stay focused. While texting and driving is not illegal in Florida, any form of distracted driving can be extremely dangerous to you and your child. Distracted driving leads to many Davie truck accidents and traffic accidents each year, so put your mobile devices away and focus fully on the drive to school rather than on distractions.

6) Follow speed limits. Speeding significantly increases your risk of a collision.

7) Drop your child off in a safe zone. Your child is at risk if you drop them off where there is a high traffic volume and fewer pedestrian areas. If your school has a drop off zone that allows you to deposit your child right at a pedestrian area, this is often the safest possibility. If this is not an option, drop your child off in an area with good pedestrian walkways, easy access to the school, and low traffic. If it is difficult to find such an area, encourage your child’s school to create a safe drop-off zone.

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