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Preventing Miami Car Accidents During the Holidays

The Fourth of July travel period is supposed to be a time of fun and family. Each year, however, Florida families are devastated as a result of Miami car accidents during this time of year. Unfortunately, the holiday period usually coincides with an increase in car accidents during most years. While police presence on city streets is aimed at reducing the risk of accidents, there are still many things that motorists can do to help prevent a Miami traffic accident at this time of year:

1) Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Many Miami car accidents during the holiday weekend occur because travelers are heading to see family and friends, creating congestion and frayed tempers. Giving yourself extra time helps reduce the stress as well as the risk of a car crash.

2) Avoid driving when tired or upset. Strong emotions are a major distraction and driving when tired can mean that you lose focus or even fall asleep at the wheel. It is especially important to avoid driving fatigued or angry at this time of year, since the sun and hot weather can exacerbate the fatigue and irritability.

3) Put away distractions when you get in the car. Even though there are no texting bans in Florida, there is quite a bit of scientific research to show that any type of distraction – whether in the form of food, passengers, or mobile devices – can increase your risk of being in a serious car collision. Whenever you drive distracted you take your mind and eyes off the road for seconds at a time – more than enough time to cause a Miami bicycle accident or other type of traffic accident.

4) Stay cool in the car and bring provisions. Heat exhaustion, sunburn, and heat stroke can be very real problems if you are stuck in Miami traffic for hours this holiday weekend. Pack a cool drink and wear sunscreen and a hat to keep yourself from overheating. Roll down your windows and use your air conditioner to keep yourself cool as you drive.

5) Have a plan to avoid drunk driving. Miami drunk driving accidents are a serious concern during the holiday weekend. You can avoid this type of accident by having a plan for getting home safely. Even if you plan on not drinking, have a plan in place – just in case. Better yet, leave your car at home and use public transportation to get to and from parties where you know you may be drinking.

6) Have a plan to prevent others from driving drunk. If you are hosting Fourth of July celebrations, make sure that you have options to get your guests home. You may arrange for a designated driver and car or have guest beds set up, for example.

7) Find out what options exist for holiday celebrations in your area – and take advantage of them. Most communities have alcohol-free festivities, free public transportation, and other options for revelers. In many cases, these options can help you avoid drunk driving.

The Flaxman Law Group wish everyone in the Miami community a safe and happy Fourth of July. Since injuries can occur at any time, the Flaxman Law Group phone lines will be staffed throughout the weekend, so that you can always reach a live operator and set up a free consultation if you do sustain an injury.