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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents in Hollywood and Florida This Summer

Many motorcyclists are attracted by summertime in South Florida. Hollywood and surrounding areas offer plenty of wonderful places to enjoy the freedom of the road. Unfortunately, while motorcycles are a great way to experience South Florida, they are not without risks. Each year, about 5000 people across the country are killed in motorcycle accidents and Florida has the unfortunate distinction of being third in the nation for the number of fatal motorcycle crashes.

Both passenger car drivers and motorcyclists need to act in order to prevent motorcycle crashes in Hollywood and across the region. This can be especially important in the summer months, when more people are on the roads and the area sees an influx of visitors.


According to safety experts, there are a number of things that we can all do to help prevent motor vehicle accidents in Hollywood and Florida this summer:

1) Do not speed. Excessive speed is a factor in car, motorcycle, and truck collisions in Hollywood and other communities. Traveling at a safe speed is important, especially for motorcyclists who want to prevent losing control on turns in Hollywood or their communities. Motorcycles can be especially vulnerable in collisions involving speed, so traveling the posted speed limit is crucial.

2) Be wary of blind spots. Passenger cars and large commercial trucks have blind spots in which motorcycles can easily hide. It is vital that drivers of larger vehicles check their blind spots, especially when merging, passing, changing lanes, and turning. However, motorcyclists also need to be aware of the blind spots on larger vehicles and make an effort to stay out of these areas to avoid being involved in broadside collisions in Hollywood or their communities.

3) Consider the conditions when driving or riding. Heavy rain and other weather can affect a motorcyclist’s ability to stop as quickly. Gravel and other road conditions can also affect motorcycles more than they affect passenger car drivers, so it is important to be aware of surroundings at all times.

4) Be prepared when using the road. Fatigued driving, distraction, and drunk driving is equally dangerous, whether you drive a car, truck, or ride a motorcycle. Only use the road when you are physically prepared to do so and have the skill you need to operate your vehicle safely. This means that if you have always driven a car and decide to get a motorcycle, you may wish to get a motorcycle education course.

5) Use good communication on the road. It is important that motorcyclists stay visible and maintain eye contact with drivers around them. It is also vital that all vehicles on the roads, including trucks and cars, use signals and check for the presence of other drivers when driving and turning. No driver can assume that other motorists can see them.

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