Professional Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

Florida is fortunate in that it does not have to deal with the heavy snows, ice, and other winter weather so common in many parts of the country. Despite that, Florida drivers can’t get too complacent about winter driving. Bad weather can happen anywhere and at any time . In Florida in the winter, rainy ways, fog, and other weather conditions can still lead to car accidents in Aventura, Miami, Hollywood, and other Florida cities.


Experts recommend a few things for drivers who need to drive in bad weather:

1) Give yourself more room.

Drivers in good weather need to leave about 3 seconds space in front of them when driving behind a vehicle. This means that when passing a sign or other marker, you should be able to count 3 seconds after the vehicle in front of you passes before you pass the same marker. In bad weather, you need to increase your following distance to at least for seconds or more. If you hydroplane or lose control of your car in a slick surface, this extra time allows you to brake in order to avoid an accident. Leave even more time if you are driving when the rain first starts. According to experts, when rain first starts the roads are even slicker because oil may combine with the rain before it is washed away.

2) Learn to get out of a skid.

No matter how carefully drive, you may eventually find yourself hydroplaning or slipping on a slick road surface. Knowing what to do can help you avoid an accident. Many people are tempted to slam on the brakes. A better option is to ease up on acceleration and gently steer the car where you want it to go.

3) Avoid being overconfident.

Drivers who have SUVs, four-wheel drives, or all-season tires often feel that they can handle any type of weather. However, even a simple rain can cause you to spin out of control, especially if there’s oil on the road – no matter what kind of car or tires you have. Take bad weather seriously, slow down, and use extra caution in bad weather.

4) Be careful when leaving the state.

While Florida may be fortunate enough to be able to avoid snow in the winter, keep in mind that much of the United States does see snowfall. If you’ll be visiting another state at any time, check the weather. If there’s going to be snow and ice, make sure that you have proper winter tires (not all season tires) and that you have some training or experience driving in snow.

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