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Raising Safe Drivers Who Know How to Prevent Pompano Beach Car Accidents

Every parent wants to raise safe drivers – teens who operate a vehicle courteously and safely. To reduce the risk of your child being injured in a Pompano Beach car accident:

1) Start with smaller responsibilities. Learning traffic rules and good road habits start well before the teen years. When your child is very small, he or she will learn some road rules by learning to cross roads by themselves. Later, you can help your child by teaching them to ride a bicycle safely, avoiding Pompano Beach bicycle accidents.

2) Teach your child car safety through games. Many video games involving cars include racing and stunts, so make sure to balance that with online games that focus on traffic safety. These games are great for small children, as they can teach your child about safety rules and traffic laws.
3) Be a good role model. When you drive carefully, refuse to drive distracted, and obey the laws, your children see that driving is important. Children mirror their parents more than many parents realize, so driving courteously and safely helps set your child up for safe driving habits.

4) Get your teen into driving classes early and offer additional training. Many parents start swimming lessons early to protect their children from Pompano Beach drowning accidents and pool accidents. Driving classes can be the same way; they can teach your teen the basics of car safety so that your teen can stay safer. Providing additional driver training and defensive driver training is also importance, since most basic driver education classes only offer limited in-car lessons and do not focus extensively on defensive driving, an important skill that can help your teen prevent a Pompano Beach traffic accident.

5) Let your new teen driver drive sometimes. Driving in the car with your teen helps you notice any bad habits that your teen driver is forming and lets you get additional driver training for your teen, if needed. Driving together also helps your teen develop driving skills and confidence.

6) Set rules. Having written rules about passengers, cell phone use, and drinking and driving helps ensure that your teen knows the rules and the consequences for breaking them.

7) Keep in mind that even if your teen is not yet driving, they may be picking up habits from peers. If your teen is under the age of 16 but has older friends or siblings, he or she may be noticing different driving habits and may be at risk if peers drink and drive. From an early age, make sure that your child knows the dangers of Pompano Beach drunk driving accidents and the dangers of reckless driving. Make sure that your child knows that they can call you (and possibly other family members) for a drive with no questions asked if they are in a dangerous situation.

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