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Recent Accidents Highlight the Dangers of Homestead Car Accidents Caused by Wildlife

According to police, a 12 foot alligator caused two accidents recently in Tampa, along the I-275 near Gandy Boulevard. No one was injured in the crash, although the animal may have sustained serious injury. The incidents highlight the fact that drivers often share the roadway not only with other motorists but also with animals as well.

Each year, a number of Homestead car accidents are caused by wildlife. Homestead is close to both Everglades National Park and the Big Cypress National Preserve, both home to many types of animals and birds. In addition, Homestead is home to many green spaces and is close to the ocean, so many animals are in the area as well.

While motorists are often on the lookout for pedestrians and other motorists, they may not think to look for wildlife. However, any animal can run out into the center of the road, causing an unexpected obstacle and a serious accident. According to experts, there are several things that drivers can do to prevent these types of Homestead truck accidents and car accidents:

1) Do not drive distracted. Virtually every type of traffic accident – including Homestead bicycle accidents – are more likely if you are driving distracted and taking your eyes off the road to look at a mobile device or other distraction. It can take just seconds for an animal or bird to dart from the side of the road to just in front of your car. Being alert and fully focused on the road is your only chance of avoiding this type of Homestead car collision.

2) Stay aware of the dangers. Many animals mate in the fall and have offspring in the spring. Animals may be more territorial and aggressive at these times of the year and may be more likely to move over larger territories. In addition, mist animals are most active in the early morning and at twilight, when the air is cooler. Knowing when to be extra cautious can ensure that you are more prepared to avoid a collision.

3) Do not assume that you are safer because you are not in a car. Homestead motorcycle accidents and even bicycle accidents involving wildlife are common and pedestrians also need to take precautions to protect themselves with an encounter with a wild animal.

4) Be aware of who is behind you. Use your mirrors to stay aware of who is behind you. If an animal does run out in front of your car, this can help you decide whether to step on the brakes or make another decision.

5) Stay calm if wildlife does run in front of your car. If you can, brake firmly and sharply. Avoid over steering or slamming on the brakes if possible, since this can cause you to lose control of the car.

6) Avoid speeding. Speeding makes it harder for you to stop suddenly. If you do try to slam on the brakes while you are driving very fast, you are more likely to spin out of control or to rollover.

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