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Recent Pile-Up Highlights the Dangers of Miami Car Accidents

A recent pileup on the Interstate 75 in Florida has highlighted the dangers of car accidents in the area. The deadly accident claimed ten lives and backed up traffic for miles. A police investigation is ongoing, but it is believed that poor visibility due to nearby fires could have contributed to the massive collision. At least At least twelve trucks and passenger vehicles were involved in the multiple-vehicle collision, which took place at 4 in the morning. The January 29, 2012 multiple vehicle crash may eventually become a criminal investigation, according to some media sources. According to experts, there are several things that drivers can do to keep themselves safer from multi-vehicle Miami truck accidents:

1) Proceed carefully when a road is re-opened after an accident. According to some media reports, the January 29, 2012 multiple vehicle accident on the Interstate 75 happened after the road had been closed earlier and re-opened. When a road is reopened, drivers still need to stay alert for any problems that may have caused an earlier accident or road closure.
2) Adjust for weather and other conditions. According to some media reports, visibility was so poor along the Interstate 75 in Florida at the time of the accident that people making 911 calls from the accident scene were reporting hearing accidents that poor visibility prevented them from seeing clearly. In poor conditions, it is important to slow down and even to choose an alternative route. A Miami traffic collision is always more likely in any conditions that decrease visibility.

3) Give the driver in front of you plenty of room. Many Miami car accidents involving multiple cars occur when one car is traveling too closely behind another car, making it impossible to stop in time in the event of an accident. If driving behind a passenger car, leave at least one car length in front of you. Leave more space in bad weather and if driving near trucks, since trucks take longer to slow down and stop.

4) Drive alert. Driving while impaired, tired, or distracted, can make it hard for you to anticipate problems and react to them in time. When driving, make sure that you are physically and emotionally in good shape for driving and keep your entire focus on the road.

5) Drive defensively. Looking ahead and anticipating challenges ensures that you can react to problems before they become a collision.

In a multiple-vehicle Miami car accident, issues of liability and damage claims can be far more complicated, since multiple cars and multiple insurance carriers are involved. Multiple-vehicle crashes are also more likely to result in serious injuries and even fatalities. For all these reasons, it is important to consult a Miami personal injury attorney if you have been in a multi-vehicle accident. A good attorney can investigate the cause of the accident, can protect your interests, and can help you understand your best options.

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