Resolve to Reduce Tamarac Car Collisions in 2013

It’s that time of year again. Many people are making their resolutions for a better 2013. If you are considering ways to make yourself healthier, wealthier, and more successful in 2013, you may also want to consider making some resolutions that can help you stay safer all year long. Some resolutions that can help you avoid a Tamarac traffic accident in 2013 include:

1) Resolve not to drive distracted. Currently, Florida is one of only a few states that do not have any bans in place against texting and driving. While it may not be strictly illegal, distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Even checking your phone for a few seconds is enough time to cause a serious Tamarac truck accident or car accident. Sign a pledge not to drive distracted, make it a habit to put your mobile device away before you step in the car, and generally take steps to avoid driving distracted.

2) Resolve to hone your driving skills. Most drivers stop learning how to drive once they take their driver’s education classes and get their license. This can be a mistake, since road conditions and abilities change over time. In addition, you may move from the state where you got your driver’s license and be facing an entirely new set of driving conditions. Every driver can benefit from improving their driving skills. This year, consider taking refresher courses or defensive driving courses. Even taking a racing class can be fun and can actually improve your driving skills. Before you sign up for classes, consider calling up your insurance company to see whether taking specific types of classes will even help you lower your insurance rates.

3) Resolve to get rid of one bad driving habit. All drivers have some bad habits. Being aware of your habits and taking steps to correct them is an important way of staying safe and avoiding Tamarac pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents. Choose one bad habit that is dangerous for your driving and make get rid of it this upcoming year. Make a point to be aware of when you’re indulging in your habit, and take steps to break yourself of the practice.

4) Resolve not to drive drunk. Sign a pledge, keep extra money in your glove compartment for cabs, and plan ahead to avoid driving drunk. Tamarac drunk driving accidents are completely preventable and taking just a few steps can ensure you never have to go through the agony of causing a DUI accident.

5) Resolve to become an advocate in preventing Tamarac traffic collisions. Make a resolution to make a difference in preventing Tamarac accidents. Join a group dedicated to preventing accidents, write to your elected representative about safety issues you notice around you, or volunteer your time with a group that helps accident victims. If everyone were to do just one thing to make a difference, it would make an enormous impact.

6) Resolve to take care of your health. Poor health leads to many Tamarac car accidents and truck accidents. When you are in poor health, you may experience problems sleeping, leading to fatigue driving. Some symptoms may also be distracting and may prevent you from operating your car safely. Finally, some chronic health conditions, when left unmanaged, can lead to a serious medical emergency that can cause you to lose control of your car. In addition to getting slim in 2013, make a resolution to stay as healthy as possible so you can live your life fully and safely.

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