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Safe Driving for the Thanksgiving Weekend

With Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner, residents of Hollywood and southern Florida need to be aware of the risks of car accidents during this time of year. Larger numbers of people on the road, holiday stress, drinking at holiday parties and other factors all contribute to distracted driving, drunk driving and a variety of causes of serious pedestrian and car accidents


There are several things you’ll want to do to stay safe that weekend:

Plan ahead. If you need to travel to a holiday event, plan well in advance. Map out your route and make sure you know where you’re going. Look up routes, weather conditions and road work projects so you can choose the best route possible. Make sure you leave early so you give yourself lots of time to get to your destination and time to take frequent rest breaks.

Have a safe way home. If you’re attending any holiday events, make sure you have a safe way to get home without driving under the influence. Carry extra money for cabs, install taxi apps on phone, agree with friends to assign a designated driver and have other options on hand. This way, even if you can’t reach a taxi or can’t reach a friend, you have backup options to ensure you stay safe.

Encourage others to drive responsibly. If you have young drivers in your family, make sure they understand the risks of holiday driving. Encourage your children to put away their cell phones and any distractions while they drive this holiday weekend and make sure they know they can call you for a safe ride home if they do drink.

Consider alternate methods of travel. Carpooling, taking public transit or choosing not to drive can reduce congestion on the roads and can reduce your risk of driving under the influence, too.

Make sure you are physically able to drive. Avoid holiday driving if you are stressed, tired, upset, or ill. The holiday season can be a hard time for some and if you’re not in great physical shape you may be more prone to driving errors or may have slower response times, which can put you at risk of an auto crash.

If you are in a traffic accident during the holiday weekend or any weekend, you can always contact the legal team at Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation with a Hollywood auto accident attorney. You can always reach a live person when you contact us and we go out of our way to ensure you have the support you need if you decide to file a legal claim.