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Safe Holiday Travel Means Safe Car Travel, Bus Travel, and Plane Travel

Many people travel during the holidays to visit friends and family. Whether you are traveling by air plane, car, or bus, extra travelers and extra traffic at this time of year can mean a larger risk of travel-related accidents. Avoid holiday travel accidents with the following tips:

1) Decide which mode of transport is safer for you. If you will be drinking or will be rushed or stressed while traveling, have someone else get you home – take a bus, plane, train, or taxi. Similarly, if you will need to travel over long distances or in poor weather, it may be safer to leave the driving to professionals or it may be best to take a plane to avoid the bad roads. Anticipate the issues that will arise in your travels and choose the appropriate method of transportation.

2) If you are traveling by plane, take steps to avoid aviation accidents. Take a larger commercial airline, which is less likely to experience accidents than a smaller, chartered flight in a small aircraft. Carefully listen to the flight attendants at the start of your trip, when important safety information is imparted. If something goes wrong during your flight, having this information fresh in your mind can ensure that you get out of the aircraft quickly and safely.

3) If you are traveling by bus, take steps to avoid bus accidents. Travel when road conditions are good and note the presence of any emergency exits. Travel with a trusted bus line.

4) Travel only when well-rested. Being tired and sleeping during your bus, train, or plane ride slows your response time in an emergency. Of course, if you are driving you need to be very well rested and you need to take breaks while driving to ensure that you do not nod off at the wheel.

5) Give yourself plenty of time to travel. If you are driving, keep in mind that speeding is a major cause of accidents. Plan on giving yourself an extra hour or two when driving, more in bad weather. Check weather forecasts and road conditions before taking off, so that you know what to expect.

6) Do not remain distracted while traveling. Distractions such as mp3 players and cell phones can mean that you miss important safety announcements on planes, buses, and trains. In a car, any distractions – even short ones – can lead to an accident and fatalities. Focus in your travel and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and fun at your destination.