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Seat Belt Use When You’re Pregnant Protects You and Your Baby

If you are pregnant, getting things to fit will eventually be a problem. This can especially be an issue if what you’re trying to fit is a seat belt.


Seat belts provide the best protection for all passengers in a collision. If you are expecting, a seat belt can save your life and your baby’s. However, the way you wear your seat belt will change, depending on your trimester. Wearing your seat belt incorrectly can mean a danger to yourself and your baby. If you wear your seat belt across your belly, for example, the sudden movement and pressure of the belt in a crash can push onto your stomach. It can cause the placenta to tear away or can cause other serious injuries.

The Proper Fit

If you are pregnant, never wear the seat belt above or across your belly. The belt should be fitting low and firm on your hipbones, below your belly. Be careful if you are wearing any items which may cause the seat belt to slide out of position. You may wish to remove bulky cardigans, jackets, or coats to prevent this from happening.

When adjusting the shoulder section of the seat belt, make sure it fits off to side of the belly, between the breasts. You may need to adjust the seatbelt to make sure it does not cut near or across your neck. Never simply avoid using the shoulder belt. If you are in a crash, not wearing this portion of the belt could throw you forward with enough force to seriously injure yourself or the baby. It can also mean you get thrown from the car.

Don’t forget to adjust other parts of your car, too. For example, adjust the steering wheel upwards, away from your belly. This way, you will have more room and if your air bag is deployed in a crash it will not put dangerous pressure on your stomach. If your car has air bags, it is also important to wear a seat belt correctly. An inflating air bag can put pressure on your unborn baby if you are not wearing a seatbelt.

You will also want to adjust your front seat to offer more room between you and the dashboard. You will be more comfortable and have more mobility. In the event of a crash, you will be further away from the dashboard.

If you are driving in a car being driven by someone else, consider sitting in the back seat. This is the safest spot in the car in the event of a collision.

As your pregnancy progresses, be sure to keep adjusting your seat belts and car to ensure it is as safe and comfortable as possible. Consult your car owner’s manual to ensure you know how to adjust your car correctly.

If you are in a car accident when you are expecting, visit an emergency room immediately. Even if you have been in a minor crash, the impact can be dangerous and you will want to ensure your unborn baby is safe. If you have been in a car accident in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida and have been injured, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation with a Hollywood car accident attorney. Our team can help you understand whether you have a legal claim and may be able to represent you if you do.