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Single-Car Accidents in Deerfield Beach

When we read about Deerfield Beach car accidents, in most cases they are accidents involving at least two cars. However, each day people are seriously injured in Deerfield Beach traffic accidents that involve only one car. This can occur for a number of reasons, including road conditions and tire defects. A driver may lose control of the vehicle and swerve into an object (such as a tree) or the vehicle may rollover.

Whether a Deerfield Beach truck accident or car accident involves multiple vehicles or one car, the results can be devastating. Single-car collisions routinely result in property damage and serious or even fatal injuries. They can also leave victims with large expenses for medical costs, car repairs, and other costs. Single-car accidents usually have a few unique issues to consider:

1) Insurance issues. In most cases, the driver’s own no-fault coverage will pay for the costs of the accident. However, in this type of Deerfield Beach car accident it can sometimes be difficult to recover all the compensation for lost income, medical costs, car replacement or repairs, and other expenses.

2) Liability issues. In many cases, single-car accidents are caused by poor signage, road conditions, or mechanical defects. There is no second driver as a potential cause of an accident. It often requires careful investigation to determine the cause of an accident and to launch a Deerfield Beach products liability case, if appropriate.

3) Assumptions. In many cases, police and other authorities may assume that if only one driver was involved in a single-car accident, then the driver must be responsible for the accident. This can lead to charges and other penalties being levied against the driver, even if he or she did nothing wrong. It often takes a skillful Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney to carefully investigate the accident in order to get answers and to clear the driver of these accusations.

After any serious Deerfield Beach car accident, it may be important to consult with a qualified Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney. This is true even in the event of a single-car accident. Any time an accident causes serious injuries, an attorney can investigate the cause of the accident, can negotiate with insurance carriers, and can help you understand your case and your options. If there are no other parties in an accident, you may assume that you will not be eligible for compensation, but this is not the case. Florida law protects you and you may qualify for more compensation than you realize.

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