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Some Driving Schools Aim to Be Exciting While Building Your Skills

Most drivers take driving instruction in order to get their licenses and then never take additional training. Most experts lament this practice, since most drivers could benefit from additional professional instructions. Experts agree that additional training can help drivers avoid common bad habits and can help drivers gain more confidence and skill behind the wheel. This can help drivers avoid car accidents and the personal injuries that they can cause.

While many adult drivers are reluctant to head back to classes in order to hone their driving skills, a number of high-end driving schools promise to teach some very cool racing skills. Both adults and teens might be intrigued to try this type of school, and the good news is that racing classes can help improve driving skills overall.

The BMW Performance Driving School in South Carolina is one popular high-end driving school. The school takes drivers on a demanding two-mile course. While the main aim is to teach skills that are used on the racing track, instructors at the school admit that the skills translate to the road as well. The course includes real-life challenges such as skids (accomplished with a skid pad on the track) and walls of water. The school offers one to three day programs as well as one and two day programs designed especially for teens. The school is open to anyone (not just people who own BMWs).

For all terrain and four-wheeler vehicles, the Land Rover Experience Driving Schools are held around the country and offer skills for drivers who like these sorts of vehicles. In addition to instruction held on a challenging obstacle course, students can take advantage of accommodations which are part of some class packages. The school teaches both on-road and off-road driving skills.

The Audi Sportscar Experience is another racing school with a difference. Held at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, these classes cover accident evasion, braking, steering, and control. There are different full day programs as well as a luxury program that includes a private reception, dinner at luxury local restaurants, and executive accommodations.

At race tracks across the country, you can learn NASCAR-style racing in stock cars via the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Hundreds of thousands of people take part each year and learn the basics of racing, which translate into safer road travel as well. Programs include between 8 and 80 laps for the learner as well as qualifying runs.