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Some Florida Car Accidents Take Place at The Pumps

While most Florida car accidents take place on the roads, the simple act of filling up your car or stopping at a gas station also has its hazards. Some serious Florida burn injuries take place at gas pumps. In many cases, gas station accidents are entirely preventable, simply by:

1) Obeying gas station signs. Most gas stations have signs clearly indicating no smoking and no cell phone use at the pumps. It is vital to follow these directions, since most gas stations have seen plenty of gas spilled and gas is highly flammable. Just having a lit cigarette near the fumes and spilled gas can lead to tragedy.

2) Being careful when pulling into and out of gas stations. At certain times of day, there are bottlenecks and busy periods at most gas stations. Cars may jockey for space at the pumps and some motorists are more aggressive than others when trying to get gas. Slow down and stay alert. Some Florida car accidents take place each year at gas stations, and Florida pedestrian accidents are also likely at a station where motorists are zipping to and from their cars.

3) Keeping your face away when pouring gas. Whether pumping gas at a pump or pouring gas into a container, keep your face well away. Gas in the eye area stings and burns as well. If you get gas in your eye, rinse your eyes very well with water. Your eyes may sting for a few hours. If your eyes do not get better, see a physician.

4) Using extra caution when pouring gas into gas cans. It is easy to spill gas in this way and get gas in your eyes. Always fill gas cans on the ground (never in a car or truck bed) and wear protective goggles or eye wear if possible to prevent contact with your eyes. If you need to fill a container with gas, make sure that it is a container designed for storing gasoline and is in good condition. An incorrect container can cause gas spills, which can lead to burns.

5) Avoiding stepping in and out of your car while you pump has. The simple static this causes can cause a fire and burn injuries. Gasoline has a flash point of only -40 F, making it very flammable.

6) Washing your hands thoroughly after pouring or pumping gasoline. If you rub your eyes without washing your hands first, you could irritate the eye area. As well, you don’t want to grab a sandwich and end up eating gasoline with your snack.