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Steering Wheel Injuries and Hallandale Beach Car Accidents

In the days before air bags became popular and standard features in cars, steering wheel injuries were generally considered a silent killer. If a driver was not wearing a seat belt when a Hallandale Beach car accident took place, he or she was typically thrown against the steering wheel. This generally caused head injuries as well as injuries to major organs, including the heart and lungs. In many cases, the victim showed no external bruising or trauma but suffered potentially life-threatening internal injuries.

Today, many cars do have air bags, but even so steering wheel injuries can occur. Hallandale Beach brain injuries can occur, for example, if an air bag fails to inflate and the driver or passenger is thrown against the steering wheel. Air bag failure can be caused by manufacturer defects and when this happens, the victims can seek compensation for their injuries from the manufacturer.

Air bags themselves can also cause serious injuries. In some cases, the impact of hitting an air bag can cause head injuries and other trauma. Children and passengers who are below average in height are most vulnerable to air bag injuries, and can sustain head injuries and other injuries. When the air bag inflates quickly and the passenger is below average height, the air bag can inflate right in the passenger’s face, causing injury and even making it hard to breathe.

One of the best ways to prevent air bag and steering wheel injuries is to wear a seat belt. A seat belt keeps the driver or passenger in place in the event of a Hallandale Beach traffic accident, ensuring that there is no impact with the steering wheel or air bag. Numerous research studies have shown that proper use of a seat belt can substantially reduce brain injuries and other injuries in a car accident.

Another important way to prevent air bag and steering wheel injuries is to maintain a vehicle correctly. Checking the air bags on a used car, for example, is very important. Taking a car in for regular tune ups is also important as it ensures that a car is functioning correctly, which can actually help prevent Hallandale Beach car accidents.

If you have been injured in a Hallandale Beach traffic accident due to air bag defects or other car defects, it is important to consult with a qualified Hallandale Beach personal injury attorney. There may be multiple liable parties in your case, and this can help you get the compensation you deserve to pay for lost income, medical expenses, and other costs related to your accident. Getting fair compensation can help you get the quality of medical care you deserve and pursuing legal action can ensure that those responsible for the accident are held accountable. Often, legal action pushes companies to make safety changes that can help prevent other accidents from occurring, so seeking out an attorney’s advice after an accident can be important.

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