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Steps to Take to Avoid a Thanksgiving Miami Car Accident

Any holiday season can mean a risk of Miami car accidents. As more people celebrate a holiday and imbibe, accidents do happen. To ensure that this Thanksgiving is a safe one for you and your family, follow these tips for safe holiday driving:

1) Have a plan to get home safely if you choose to drink. Miami drunk driving accidents, unfortunately, do occur during many holidays, in part because more people drink during festive celebrations. Whether you intend to drink or not, it is safest to at least consider a few options for getting home safe. Find out about hotels in your area, write down the numbers of taxi companies, or designate a driver. Make the commitment now to avoid driving drunk.

2) Have a plan to get guests home safely if you plan on drinking. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, make sure that you have a plan for getting everyone home safely if you choose to serve alcohol. Consider making extra beds available for overnight guests, have designated drivers, or have cash on hand for taxis. As a host, you have a responsibility to ensure that your guests are not in a Miami car accident because they have been drinking and driving.

3) If you are traveling to a Thanksgiving event or dinner, plan well in advance. Plan your route and check for weather problems or road closures along your designated route. Pack your car in advance and make sure that you leave mobile devices off while you drive. Holiday driving is stressful enough, and distracting yourself with a mobile device can easily lead to a tragic Miami pedestrian accident.

4) Use extra patience on the roads during Thanksgiving. Give yourself extra time to get to your holiday destinations. Speeding leads to many Miami truck accidents and car crashes each year and rushing can lead you to make mistakes – which can be deadly on busy Miami roadways. Giving yourself extra time also reduces your stress levels and reduces your risk of road rage and distraction.
5) Consider leaving your car at home this Thanksgiving. If you have a long way to drive, it can be safer to travel by plane, train, or bus. Long drives can lead to fatigued driving and highway hypnosis, especially if you are already tired and stressed at this time of year. A long drive can also be especially dangerous for Miami drivers, especially if you are used to driving in Miami and need to drive into a wintery state to celebrate with family. If you are not prepared for winter driving and do not have snow tires, avoid driving to any destinations with snow.

6) Make sure your car can handle holiday driving. If you need to drive to family events this Thanksgiving, give yourself the gift of a holiday car tune-up. Making sure that your tires, brakes, and other systems are in good condition reduces the risk of your car breaking down en route. Having a car that handles correctly can also help you avoid a Miami car collision in many cases.

Since accidents do not stop for the holiday season, the Flaxman Law Group keeps its phones staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving. However, if you are injured and require a Miami personal injury attorney, you will still be able to reach a live operator by calling the Flaxman Law Group offices in Homestead, Miami, and Hollywood.