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Summer Weather Can Contribute to Car Accidents

While we often associate weather-related accidents with bad weather, beautiful warm days can contribute to their fair share of fatal and serious accidents. In the summer, many accidents take place on lovely days, and these accidents can lead to serious personal injury. Summer can lead to car accidents because:

1) Warm weather can mean more events where there is drinking. Summer holidays, picnics, and barbeques often involve cold alcoholic drinks such as beer. While these drinks are refreshing, it is also essential to remember to drink responsibly. Even a few drinks can affect your ability to drive. If in doubt, walk or call a cab.

2) Warm weather means insects and animals. Animals and insects can pose a serious danger on the road. Each year, many car accidents are caused when an insect flies into a car, distracting the driver. When driving on a hot day, roll up your widows and keep the air conditioning on. If you do not have air conditioning and must keep the window open, remember not to panic if an insect flies into your vehicle. Pull over the shoo the pest out. Keep in mind, too, that there are more animals out and about during the summer, since animals are no longer hibernating and since many people let their pets outside on nice days. Keep an eye out for animals and be prepared to evade animals running out into the street.

3) Warm weather can mean car trouble. Some cars overheat and cause a serious burn injury risk in the summer. Warm weather can also cause other problems with cars. Consider getting your car tuned up before the warmest weather arrives.

4) Warm weather means more children and pedestrians on the roads. In the summer, children are more often playing outside and more people are taking advantage of the warmth to walk and bicycle. This can mean an increase in pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. In residential areas, keep an eye open for bicyclists, joggers, pedestrians, and children.

5) Warm weather means heat exhaustion. Driving in a hot car can expose you to sun and can eventually dehydrate you. Extreme heat can also make you feel drowsy or can even put you at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Wear sunscreen in your car and sip water as you drive. Keep your vehicle cool with air conditioning or by opening windows.

6) Warm weather can mean poor visibility. Glare and bright sun can make it hard to see the road in the summer time. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses you can wear while driving and use your sun visors to keep the sun out of your eyes.