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Summertime and Drowsy Driving: Why Driving Tired at This Time of Year Leads to Davie Car Accidents

Davie car accidents seem very common during the summer months, when the news is filled with stories of serious accidents and roadway closures caused by collisions. One common cause of many Davie traffic accidents is fatigued driving. Fatigued driving can increase the risk of a Davie car crash in a number of ways. Fatigue, for example, can mean poorer motor control and response times. Studies have shown that driving when tired can result in the same poor motor control and slower response times as drunk driving. If you avoid drinking and driving to avoid a Davie drunk driving accident, you should also avoid driving tired to avoid a car accident.

Fatigue can mean micro-sleeps. When you are very tired, you may feel that you stay aware and awake but research has shown that you actually fall asleep for fractions of a second. This is the body’s way of getting much-needed sleep if you are severely exhausted and not taking the time to rest. You may have no recollection of these micro-sleep cycles but, of course, if they occur when you are behind the wheel of a car they can easily cause a devastating Davie pedestrian accident or traffic accident.

If you suffer from extreme fatigue, you can fall asleep at the wheel. Each year, Davie truck accidents and car accidents occur because an exhausted driver simply falls asleep while driving. When the body becomes so tired that even micro-sleep does not replenish the body, the body simply shuts down. When this occurs on the road, a driver loses complete control of their vehicle and the result is often a serious accident.

Even if you think that you are getting good sleep, you may still be driving tired. Many people assume that they are getting adequate sleep when in fact they are not. Even if you are getting eight hours of sleep a night you may suffer from sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders which can affect your driving ability. If you always wake up tired or find yourself sleepy during the day, even when you get adequate rest, speak with your doctor to find out whether you could have a sleep disorder that could be affecting the quality of rest you enjoy.

Summertime can exacerbate the effects of fatigue, so it especially important to be aware of the dangers of driving fatigued. The bright sun and high heat of Florida summers can lead to drowsiness and can be distracting, making it even harder for fatigued drivers to drive safely. Hot nights can also make it harder for those who already suffer from sleep disturbances to get a good night’s sleep.

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