Sustaining Fractures in an Aventura Car Crash

Our bodies have 206 bones, and during a car collision, many of those bones are at risk of fractures because of the significant force and impact of a crash.


Understanding Broken Bones

Fractures happen in an Aventura car collision when bones are subjected to great force. This can happen if a passenger is thrown against a solid surface during impact or even against an airbag with enough force. Fractures can also happen if projectiles hit a passenger or if a passenger is thrown from the vehicle and crashes onto the road, another car, or another solid object.

The severity of the fracture and whether a broken bone will even occur depends on the severity of the crash, the type of impact, and the safety systems being used to prevent injury. A passenger’s health can also have a big impact. An elderly driver or passenger is more likely to sustain fractures and more likely to suffer serious complications from the injury, too.

There are four different types of fractures:

  • Closed fractures: Also called simple fractures, in this situation the bone is broken but does not break through the surface of the skin.
  • Open fractures: Also known as compound fractures, in this type of injury the bone tears your skin and is exposed.
  • Complete fractures: In this type of break, the bone cracks all the way through.
  • Incomplete fractures: These are sometimes called hairline or greenstick breaks and then happen when the fracture does not fully go across the width of the bone.
  • Complete fractures: In this type of fracture, the bone breaks all the way across.

Recovering from Broken Bones After Your Aventura Car Collision

The good news is that Aventura has some great regional hospitals and medical professionals, so if your car collision happens in Aventura you will likely be taken to one of these facilities so the broken bone can be set. More good news: most patients recover fully from broken bones.

Unfortunately, fractures are sometimes dismissed as “minor” by car insurance companies, when they are anything but. A broken bone is a serious injury and one that can impact your life for months. This type of injury can also be costly.

A broken bone can require a cast, which can mean part of your body is kept immobile for weeks. Driving or working can be challenging or not possible with a cast. In cases involving severe fractures, surgery may be needed and a doctor may need to insert plates and screws to keep bones together. In some cases, patients may need to be in the hospital for a while because they are kept in traction.

Different bones also heal at different rates. While many bones heal in up to eight weeks, a fracture of the tibia can take 20 weeks to heal. That is a long time to be in pain and to potentially be unable to work. In addition to the lost income, you may be facing the added expense of physical therapy, pain medication, x-rays, and medical devices such as crutches.

About six million Americans suffer from broken bones each year. If you are part of that number and your injuries were caused by a car accident, you may wish to speak with an Aventura car collision claims attorney about your potential claim.

An attorney can review your insurance policy and negotiate with insurers for you. An attorney can also seek out liable parties and seek compensation for you through a claim if you qualify. If you have a broken bone after a car crash and you’d like to discuss your potential case and compensation, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with an Aventura car accident claims attorney.

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