Talking to Your Teen About Their First Car Accident

When your teen first gets their license, they’re usually thinking about freedom and about all the great things they will get to experience. Road trips. Visits to friends. Teens rarely think about their first accident, but in reality young drivers do find themselves in serious collisions in Hollywood and Florida. And if your teen drives long enough, statistically they will be in a few collisions in their lifetime.

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As a parent, it’s a terrifying thought. But it’s also an opportunity to prepare your teens and to have an honest discussion about the dangers of driving. Even if you hate the thought of your child ever being in a collision in Hollywood or anywhere else, having this tough discussion is crucial. It can help you impress upon your young driver how to avoid crashes—and can help them understand what they need to do to protect themselves if they ever are in a crash.

Before an Accident

While your teen is still getting driver’s education, sit down and talk with him or her about ways to prevent crashes. Talk about the importance of distraction-free and sober driving.

Before the first accident happens, make sure your teen gets plenty of practice. Have your teen drive and practice in the car with you or another family member. Give your child the gift of defensive driving classes and additional driver education, if possible.

Before your teen drives alone, be sure you talk about what to do in the event of an accident. Make sure your teen knows to:

  • Stay safe: If your teen is alone and on a deserted stretch of road and he or she feels unsafe or suspects someone may have caused a collision on purpose, make sure they know they can drive to the police station without getting out of their car.
  • Watch their words: If your teen is in an accident, make sure they know not to say “sorry” and not to admit to wrongdoing at the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, some people will blame a young driver and will use their fear and inexperience against them.
  • Document everything: Make sure your young driver knows they need to stay at the scene of an accident, take photos, and exchange insurance information.
  • Call you: Have your teen call you the minute an accident happens so you can help them and advise them.

If Your Teen has had a Car Accident

Your teen has just called you in a panic. He or she has been in a car accident and is scared. What should you do? Take your teen to a doctor or emergency room as soon as possible if there is any chance your child may have been injured. Take photos of the scene and the car and document everything you see.

As soon as possible, contact a car accident attorney in Hollywood or your South Florida community. Drivers will sometimes automatically blame a young driver for a crash, and police may tend to agree. You will want to clear your child’s name and ensure he or she does not suffer for someone else’s bad driving.

You will want to want to talk to your teen about the accident and get them counseling if possible. If your teen has been in a few fender benders, get additional driver instruction for him or her, too.

If your teen has been injured in a crash, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with a Hollywood car accident attorney. Our legal team can help you explore all your possible next steps.

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