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The High Costs of Miami Automobile Accidents

According to an AAA review of 2009 traffic accident data, car accidents and other road accidents cost the US $299.5 billion in 2009. That represents a doubling of the cost of 2005 crashes. According to the AAA, Miami car accidents as well as accidents in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York reported the highest number of injuries. Miami can also be one of the most expensive places for car crashes. According to the AAA, the per-resident cost of car accidents in Miami-Fort Lauderdale is $2,016, which is higher than the costs in San Francisco and all other large cities. There are many things that contribute to the high costs of Miami automobile crashes:

1) More congestion. As a larger city, Miami sees quite a lot of foot traffic, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, cars. With all of these travelers sharing the road, it is no surprise that Miami sees quite a few Miami pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and other traffic accidents. Where there is congestion, tempers tend to flare, and a larger concentration of vehicles and travelers can increase the risk of Miami car accidents and other traffic accidents.

2) Higher living costs. The cost of living in Miami can be higher, which can mean that the impact of income loss after a Miami truck accident or car accident may be more keenly felt. Trying to get by on savings, personal loans, or credit cards after a Miami traffic accident can be much harder, simply because there are higher costs to contend with.

3) Higher numbers of car accidents. Miami sees more traffic crashes than a smaller city, and the larger number of accidents increases the risk and also the insurance costs for everyone.

4) High speed areas. Miami has many overpasses, freeways, and high-speed roads in order to facilitate traffic movement. Unfortunately, high-speed areas can also mean more high-speed accidents, which tend to be accidents leading to fatalities and more serious injuries.

5) Insurance fraud. Unfortunately, Miami has the dubious distinction of being home to large numbers of insurance fraudsters. In fact, Florida leads the nation for insurance fraud. Insurance fraud delays insurance payout claims for even legitimate cases, as all claims coming from Florida are treated with a degree of suspicion. As well, insurance fraud increases the cost of insurance and car accidents for all Florida motorists.

6) A high number of fatal car accidents. According to the AAA, an average fatal car accident costs $6 million. The AAA considers the costs of accidents by tabulating property damage, lost income, medical expenses, reduced daily or household activities, costs of emergency services, traffic delays, rehabilitation, lost work productivity, legal and administrative expenses, lost quality of life, and pain.

According to the AAA, reducing the cost of accidents begins with reducing the number of accidents. The AAA suggests adding modern roundabouts and placing barriers on two-way roads to prevent accidents. In addition, the AAA promotes the use of rumble strips to reduce the toll of traffic accidents.

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