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The Holidays Present Unique Dangers For Motorists: Here Is How To Avoid Pembroke Pines Car Accident And Other Seasonal Dangers

The holiday season means plenty of errands as well as fun activities. During the bustle of the season, though, Pembroke Pines car accidents are a risk. The extra rush of the holidays as well as extra traffic on the roads can lead to collisions and road rage, as well as other hazards. To have a pleasant and safe holiday, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Be more cautious in parking areas. These can be the site of many slow-speed accidents as busy shoppers rush to get to sales and back home again. Drive defensively in parking areas and keep an eye out for distracted pedestrians and drivers. Park in well-lit areas to stay safe when walking to and from retail areas.

2) Lock your car when shopping and store purchased items in the trunk. Unfortunately, thieves do target shoppers. Keeps valuables stowed out of sight so that they will not be a temptation.

3) Prepare for road trips and shopping trips to unfamiliar areas. Print out a map or use GPS to get to your destination safely. If you are going on a longer trip, get details about detour routes, road conditions, and weather conditions as well.

4) Do not drink and drive. Pembroke Pines drunk driving accidents claim too many lives each year and these are accidents that are easily preventable.

5) Inform someone when you will be heading out for a trip or running holiday errands. When someone is expecting you, they can check in if you get into trouble and cannot return.

6) Carry your mobile device with you, but keep it switched off in the car. Mobile devices are a handy way to call for help if you get stranded. However, they can also lead to Pembroke Pines motorcycle accidents and car accidents because they are a major distraction.

7) Keep at least half a tank of gas in the car when you head out and keep your car in good repair. Having enough fuel to get home (or at least to the next gas station) can ensure that you get home safely. A car that is in good repair is also less likely to break down in the middle of a roadway, potentially causing a collision.

8 ) Consider driving with a friend or family member, especially if you are heading out to run errands or are headed out for a longer trip. Two drivers can share driving duty, which makes it easier to avoid fatigued driving. A second driver can also check maps and keep an eye out for exit ramps, leaving the main driver less distracted.

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