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This is the Time of Year to Look Out for Animal-Related Car Accidents in Hialeah and Other Florida Communities

At this time of year, drivers need to be more aware of animals on the road. Many types of animals, including deer, have young at this time of year and are more active near road areas due to this fact. The warmer weather and end of school can also mean that pets are allowed to leave the house more often, and some may find their way into roadways. Both situations can and do cause car accidents in Hialeah and across Florida. According to DOT (the Department of Transportation) there are several things that drivers can do:

1) Use extra caution if you drive in the evening and early in the morning. Many types of animals are more active during these hours. In addition, visibility can be more challenging during these hours, increasing the risk of a car collision.

2) Slow down and pay attention. Distracted driving leads to many car and truck collisions in Hialeah and other communities each year. Speeding and driving distracted increase the risk of an accident because drivers may not see an animal in time and may be unable to avoid a collision.
3) Use extra vigilance if you are a motorcyclist. Animal-related motorcycle accidents in Hialeah and other communities are especially deadly. A motorcyclists who swerves to avoid a pet may lose control of the bike and be thrown from the motorcycle. A collision with a larger animal, such as a deer, can easily prove fatal.

4) Buckle up. You are less likely to be seriously injured in accident if you wear a safety belt. A seat belt can keep you in the car and in your seat in the event of a crash, minimizing your risk of life-threatening head injuries.

5) If you see an animal by the side of the road, slow down. Blow your horn with one long blast to scare the animal away. Check to make sure the roadway is clear before proceeding. Keep in mind that many animals travel in groups, especially at this time of year, so if you see one animal stay extra vigilant and look for signs of younger animals or additional animals in the same area.

6) If you see an animal on the road, stop the car. Brake firmly and avoid swerving your car, as it can confuse the animal and can cause it to run in front of your car. Do not expect the animal to run away – some animals get confused by the glare of headlights and may freeze in the road rather than moving. Wait until the animal has left the road before proceeding, checking first to make sure that other animals are not entering the roadway.

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