Tips to Prevent Traffic Crashes in Homestead

Preventing car accidents in Homestead and other communities can be surprisingly simple. In fact, authorities tell us that the majority of car accidents reported on the roads are preventable. If you’d like to stay safer and enjoy safer commutes, follow these tips:


1) Put away distractions before getting behind the wheel.

About 25% of car crashes are caused due to people talking on their phone while trying to drive. In addition, a large percentage of car accidents are caused at least in part by drivers who are distracted by drinking, adjusting the radio, talking, eating or other activities.

2) Adjust your driving for the weather.

If there is rain, the road will be slippery and you need to slow down. Keep in mind that if there is any small spill of gasoline on the road, even a fine mist can create a slick surface. If it’s dark or there is a storm or wind, it can be harder to drive safely. Heavy winds, for example, can make it harder to control your car. Dark or stormy weather can affect your visibility. In some cases, conditions may be so bad the safest thing you can do is pull over or stop driving.

3) Keep your car in good shape.

If your headlight is broken or there is any sort of problem that is affecting your driving, get it checked and fixed right away. Check brakes and tires regularly and replace them when needed. Poor car maintenance can make it more likely that you’ll be in an accident. Worn tires, for example, may be more subject to blowouts or flat tires, even in normal conditions. They can put you in bigger risk if you run over road debris or a pothole. Worn brakes may simply fail if you need to brake sharply.

4) Give other vehicles plenty of space.

Tailgating is especially dangerous around trucks, whose drivers may not see you and which can lead to a serious accident. Even behind regular cars, tailgating can easily cause a rear end car accident. In bad weather, offer extra space so you can stop in time if you need to.

5) Use extra caution when approaching intersections.

Intersection accidents in Homestead and other communities are unfortunately all too common and they are generally completely preventable. Intersections are unique because there are several types of road users that can be approaching an intersection and going in different directions. At an intersection, look for cars going different ways, cars running red lights, and pedestrians. Make sure your way is clear before you carry on. Even if you have the right of way, check before you drive on.

6) Drive when you are fit to do so.

Never drive drugged, fatigued, angry, distracted, or drunk. If you can’t keep your eyes on the road and your mind on driving, you need to find a safer way to your destination.

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