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‘Tis the Season to Focus on Preventing DUI Accidents in Homestead and Other Communities

At this time of year, law enforcement are concerned about DUI/DWI accidents in Homestead and other Florida cities. In December, not only are traffic accidents in Homestead more common overall – thanks to the pressure of this time of year as well as heavier traffic – but many holiday events include alcohol and DUI accidents are more common as a result.


All Homestead residents have a role to play in preventing these types of car accidents. You can help by:

1) Talking with teen drivers about the dangers of car accidents
. If you have a young driver at home, talk to them about what they can do to prevent DUI car accidents in Homestead. For example, you might want to have your teen drivers sign a pledge not to drink and drive and you may want to make it clear that your children can always call you for a safe ride home – no questions asked.

2) Speaking with others about your concerns. Make sure that friends and family know about your commitment not to drink and drive. If you see someone drinking at an event, offer them a safe ride home or offer to share a cab. Speaking up shows that preventing DUI accidents matters to you.

3) Volunteering time with an organization dedicated to stopping DUI accidents. Many communities have safe-ride-home programs at this time of year and you can volunteer to give drivers a safe alternative home. Advocacy groups such as MADD also step up their awareness campaign efforts at this time of year and may be able to use some help.

4) Hosting holiday events responsibly
. If you are hosting any holiday event where alcohol will be served, you have a responsibility to make sure guests get home safely. Hire or designate a driver, make arrangements to let guests stay at home, or arrange taxis for guests when they leave. Take steps to ensure that your guests can get some safely even if they have been drinking.

5) Always having a few options for getting home safely. If you will be attending any holiday events this year, make sure you have several options to get home safely – even if you think you won’t be drinking. Even if you do not expect to drink, you may end up doing so. In addition, having several routes home increases the odds that you will get home safely. For example, consider having money on hand for a cab, a list of friends you can call for a ride home, and a designated driver. Even if your designated driver ends up drinking or ends up too tired at the end of the night, you will still be able to get home safely.

6) Being aware of the risks of DUI accidents. Many people think that having a drink or two is fine and will not affect their driving. Unfortunately, this attitude causes serious car and truck accidents in Homestead and across the country each year. Even if you have one drink, it could affect your coordination and alertness – especially if you have a thin frame or if you are tired as well. Alcohol can also react with some medication to be even more deadly. The safest thing to do is to avoid driving if you have had anything at all drink. Even one drink can increase your chances of an accident.

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