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Top Situations That Can Lead to Road Rage in Hollywood or Your Community

Avoiding road rage is an important part of avoiding Hollywood car accidents. Road rage leads to distraction, yelling, speeding, and other behaviors that can cause a crash. To avoid these issues and to reduce your risk of a collision, you might want to consider (and avoid) some of the common causes of road rage, which include:

1) Not merging correctly. To merge onto a freeway, you need to check for oncoming cars and then move into traffic in a way that does not disrupt traffic or cause an accident. Merging too quickly can cause a crash while hesitating too much is also dangerous as it creates traffic on the ramp and can cause a rear-end collision in Hollywood or your community. It seems fairly simple and merging is something covered in driver’s classes, but according to a recent study, just under 70% of motorists polled couldn’t identify a correctly-merging car on a highway. Obviously, there seems to be come confusion about how to merge correctly.


2) Not using signals. It only takes a second to turn on your signal before you try to change lanes or turn, but the simple gesture can save a life. It is the only way to let other drivers around you know of your intention to turn or change lanes.

3) Coming to an abrupt halt at a yellow light. On many roads, yellow lights are only a few seconds long – possibly not long enough for the car behind you to come to a stop. Stopping suddenly can easily lead to a crash, so always be aware of who is behind you. If there is another car following you, avoid slamming your brakes.

4) Drivers who match drivers’ speeds in the passing lane. When a car enters the passing lane to pass, the idea is that they should complete their pass safely and get back out of the passing lane. Cars who drift along in the passing lane fuel driver rage and box other vehicles in, which can easily lead to a car or truck accident in Hollywood or your community.

5) Tailgating. Driving too closely behind another vehicle can easily lead to a collision. It is especially important to leave extra room when driving around big trucks – as these take longer to come to a complete stop – or when driving in bad weather.

6) Changing speeds often. Drivers who speed up, slow down, then speed up again are often distracted drivers who are simply not paying attention to their speedometer. Unfortunately, all those changes in speeds can lead to an accident if other drivers on the road cannot keep up with all the changes.

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