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Turn Signals and Coral Gables Car Accidents

There is a lot of press coverage about Coral Gables car accidents and Florida car collisions caused by distracted driving, but a new study from the Society of Automotive Engineers suggests that incorrect use of turn signals causes many more traffic accidents each year – up to 2 million accidents nationally each year.

According to the study, drivers either fail to turn their signals off or completely neglect using the signals when changing lanes 48% of the time. Researchers also found that drivers do not use signals correctly 25% of the time when making a turn. This means that drivers on US roads fail to use turn signals correctly 750 billion times each year – or about 2 billion times each year. This results it about 2 million accidents, while distracted driving is linked to 950 000 collisions each year.

While drivers are required to use turn signals, the lack of compliance shown in the study is a serious concern. Significantly, this is the first time that the problem has been studied by researchers and experts at the Society of Automotive Engineers hope that the study’s findings will result in more awareness of the problem. Using turn signals correctly is vital in preventing Coral Gables truck accidents and traffic accidents across the country.

While no studies have been done to determine how much police focus on enforcement of lack of turn signals, researchers believe that there is less focus on incorrect use of turn signals, when compared with red light running and other traffic violations. Researchers at the Society of Automotive Engineers do believe that in addition to more enforcement, technology may be able to help with the problem. Devices that can turn off signals automatically after a driver changes lane, for example, might be able to help. Devices that remind drivers to turn on their signals when they fail to do so could also possibly help drivers become more aware of the problem and more likely to eventually start using turn signals consistently. The Smart Turn Signal system is already available and is getting some approval from experts. However, making the device standard in vehicles may still be far off into the future.

In the meantime, there are several things that drivers can do to help avoid Coral Gables traffic accidents. Being aware of turn signal use and using turn signals correctly is a good place to start. Helping to raise awareness about the importance of turn signals is another important step. Using turn signals is vital in ensuring that other drivers know your intentions.

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