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Underage Drinking and Miami Drunk Driving Accidents

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), underage drinking is a major cause for concern when it comes to preventing car accidents. While many drivers are aware that drunk driving causes many Miami car accidents, few people are as aware that teen drinking and underage drinking are also a leading cause of Miami drunk driving accidents. Florida has a zero tolerance law when it comes to teen drinking – drivers under the age of 21 are prohibited from having any alcohol in their system when they drive. Despite these laws, however, some teens choose to drink and drive, and some parents are not aware that their teen drivers are taking part in this risk-taking behavior.

According to MADD, in 2006, about 28.3 percent of teens between 12 and 20 years of age admitted to drinking in the previous month. Another 6.2 percent were identified as heavy drinkers while 19 percent were classified as heavy drinkers. MADD also reports that 28% of fatal car accidents involving teen drivers involve alcohol. In fact, according to the organization, more teens die from alcohol-related events than from all other controlled drugs combined.
Underage drinking affects everyone and is costing lives. Teens who are in alcohol-related accidents can suffer permanent injuries, including brain injuries. Each year, teens are killed in alcohol-related Miami traffic accidents.

According to experts, everyone has a role to play in preventing these accidents. For example, teens have been involved in MADD initiatives to inform other teens about the dangers of drunk driving. Teens can also sign pledges to not drink and drive.

Schools are also helping to prevent Miami truck accidents and car accidents caused by drunk driving. Many schools sponsor MADD events or support police initiatives. Many teens have heard a presentation at their school about drunk driving.

Parents, of course, also have a huge role to play in preventing Miami drunk driving accidents. Parents can speak with then teens and children about the dangers of drunk driving and underage drinking. Even if teens do not drink and drive, alcohol can still cause serious accidents, including Miami pedestrian accidents and sports-related injuries. Teens who have been drinking are more likely to get into an accident because they have poor motor control and fewer inhibitions. However, some teens see the drinking age as an arbitrary number. Parents can help by ensuring that teens understand that the drinking age is present for a number of reasons. Of course, parents can also help by setting a good example themselves and by ensuring that teens and children know that they can get a no-questions-asked drive home if they need it. Teens and children are more likely to call a parent for a sober ride home if they know that they will not be punished for doing so.

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