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Unraveling Deadly Multiple-Car Crashes in Miami and Other Cities

Pile-ups on the highways and streets of Miami and surrounding areas tend to make the news. Not only do these multiple-car collisions stop traffic and create dramatic pictures on the evening news, but these accidents also often cause catastrophic injury.


In many cases, multiple-car car and truck collisions in Miami start innocently enough: one car hits another. Usually due to a number of factors, though, the accident quickly turns potentially deadly as the second car careens into another and then possibly into other vehicles. There are many reasons why a simple car accident leads to a pile-up:

•Poor road design or bad road conditions
•Poor visibility or weather conditions
•Heavy traffic or tailgating
•Drunk or distracted driving
•High speed
No matter what causes a pile-up, this type of accident can be deadly. If the accident has occurred due to high speeds or high force, the impact of the crash can be immense, leading to serious injury. Even if this is not the case, the multiple impacts can mean severe injuries, especially multiple head injuries or soft tissue injuries. Imagine that you are in your car when it is rear-ended, for example. Now imagine that the car is hit again because there is an additional impact. Each time there is an impact, you are jolted, increasing your risk of injury.

Multiple-vehicle truck and car collisions in Miami are also deadly because it can be harder for emergency personnel to get to all injured passengers. Some passengers may become trapped in their cars and surrounded by other cars, making it necessary to use the Jaw of Life or other emergency procedures. Emergency crews responding to the scene may also be overwhelmed by the number of injured passengers, meaning that it can take some time to get to all injured persons. This can mean some delays in getting necessary treatment.

Once the accident scene is cleared up and the injured are taken to hospital, these cases are no less challenging. In multiple-car collisions, there are usually multiple liable parties, multiple plaintiffs, and several insurance companies involved. Figuring out what happened and going through the insurance process can be that much more complicated and difficult.

One thing that makes these accidents even more complex is that they do often result in soft-tissue injuries, which are well-known for being hard to diagnose in many cases. One challenge with whiplash, soft tissue injury, and the type of chronic pain that can come from rear-end accidents in Miami is that it can take a long time – sometimes weeks – for symptoms to develop. In many cases, there are few diagnostic tests to prove that an injury has occurred, and this can make it harder for an injured person to prove that they have an injury caused by the accident – and injury that is causing them debilitating pain. Of course, that can make it harder to secure compensation for the injuries.

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