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Using Your Car Seat Properly to Prevent Child Injury in South Florida Car Crashes

If you have child passengers, age-appropriate car seats are one of the best ways to protect them. In the event of a car crash in Homestead or your community, a car seat keeps a child safe and prevents them from being ejected from the car or being thrown about the interior. This can help minimize head trauma, spinal cord damage and other serious injuries.


Children are unique because their bodies and spinal cords are still developing. This puts them at an increased risk of serious injuries, especially before the age of six or so. Age-appropriate car seat are designed to mitigate this risk in the event of a crash, helping child passengers improve the odds of surviving a serious car crash.

Unfortunately, car seat use is not 100% consistent and each year children are killed or seriously injured because they are not placed an age-appropriate child safety seats. To keep your child safe, you will want to:

1) Read the manual.

When you buy a child safety seat, always read the manual to understand how to use the car seat correctly and how to install it properly. The manual can also help you understand what ages and weight ranges the seat is designed for. Even if the car seat seems very simple to use, reading the manual gives you the information you need to keep your child safe.

2) Talk to caregivers and others who may drive with your child.

Grandparents or caregivers may not have the same attitudes about car seats as you do. They may think a car seat doesn’t help much or may not have grown up with car seats. It is up to you to explain that car seats have been proven to save lives and up to you to insist your child be placed in an age-appropriate child safety seat each time they are in the car. Make a rule that your child cannot ride with anyone who doesn’t place them in a proper child safety seat.

3) Make sure the car seat cannot move more than one inch to either side.

When properly installed, car safety seats shouldn’t move easily from side to side and should be very sturdy. If you think you may have installed your seat incorrectly, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

4) Use a car seat for every ride.

It can be tempting to leave out the car seat if you’re just going for a short drive. This is especially the case if your child dislikes the car seat and makes a fuss each time you try to strap them into one. However, keep in mind that the majority of car accidents happen within a few miles of home. Leaving your child out of the car safety seat just once puts them at risk.

5) Register your car seat.

Car seats are recalled every year due to defects and problems. Register your car seats so you will be notified immediately if there is any problem with the manufacturing or design of your model.

Has your child been injured in a car accident due to someone’s recklessness or due to a faulty car seat? You may have a legal claim that can help you seek compensation to pay for the best quality medical care for your child. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case consultation.