What Driving Instructors Know Could Help You Prevent a Car Collision in Hollywood or Your Community

Driving instructors not only drive for long hours, but they meet many types of drivers and of course must know enough about safe driving to be able to actually teach it. It’s no wonder that these professionals have some insights when it comes to prevent car crashes, including head-on collisions, in Hollywood and other cities. Some of their best insights can be narrowed down to three tips:

1) There’s more than one type of driving instruction. Many driving instructors teach more than one type of course – from refresher courses to commercial driving courses to basic driver’s ed and even racing instruction. Unfortunately, most motorists take just one basic driver’s education class before getting their license and never get instruction after that. The reality is that more instruction can make a big difference in driving ability. Taking extra defensive driving classes if you’ve had a few near-misses or getting extra one-on-one help from a qualified instructor if you’ve had a major health event that could impact your driving could make you safer on the roads and can help you prevent a car or pedestrian crash in Hollywood or your community.


2) What you do before you ever get inside the car can make a big difference.
Most people see driving as something you do inside the vehicle, but driving instructors tell students that what they do before they turn the key in the ignition goes a long way towards preventing traffic crashes in Hollywood and other communities. Before you driver, make sure that you are well rested and in good health. Take your car in for regular maintenance so that it functions correctly. Make sure the car is in good condition before you hop in and be sure to turn off all your mobile devices before you slide into the driver’s seat. Do a quick check-in before you start the car – are you focused on driving, sober, rested, and ready to drive safely? If the answer is no, you could be putting yourself and others at risk.

3) Panic and emotions are two huge problems on the road.
Driving instructors face frightened and nervous new drivers at work each day and know how dangerous anxiety and other strong emotions are on the roads. Being in an emotional state can make drivers reckless and can create mistakes that cost lives. Whether you are angry, anxious, upset, or worried, don’t drive when your emotions are in upheaval. A common problem is that people who have had a medical event or have survived a broadside crash in Hollywood or another accident sometimes feel a lot of anxiety about returning to driving. If this is true for you, look for ways to overcome this obstacle. Talk to a counselor or doctor or get some driving instruction, but make sure you feel confident and calm before you return to driving.

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